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[Annual Report 2019] Unprecedented overdue wages, labor administration should take action!

1 trillion 700 billion, unprecedented overdue wages

Labor administration should take action!


In order to ensure that labor laws, including the Labor Standards Act, are virtually guaranteed to workers at work, especially non-regular workers, government policy and inspections are very important. However, the government’s labor policies and administration have not slowed down its surveillance activities, as they fail to serve as the minimum line of labor rights or rather infringe upon them. In 2019, we analyzed the status of wages payments from 2015 to 2018 to address the recurring unpaid wages faced by 400,000 to 500,000 workers each year. According to the analysis, about 57,000 workers were affected in 2018, totally about 1.7 trillion won in unpaid wages, the largest ever. We suggested several measures to alleviate the situation, like abolishing provision for ‘crime not prosecuted against objection’ which guards business owners from facing judicial action if the unpaid workers do not wish to, strengthening labor inspection to prevent payment delays and enforcing the policy that charges interest to overdue wages, and expanding the relief system for the rights of unpaid workers. As the local government’s role is crucial for relatable labor administration, we also began watching the regional local government’s labor administration.


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