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[Annual Report 2019] The Report Card for the first two years of Moon Jae-in’s Government has Arrived


Ding-Dong, the Report Card for the first two years of Moon Jae-in’s Government has Arrived!


Two years since getting into office, how many promises of reform societal reform have been carried out? In cooperation with the Seoul Shinmun, we looked through 173 Action Plans for the 100 presidential agenda of the Moon administration. The welfare sector showed a fulfillment rate of 70.6%, and while the main policies are generally in operation,  the detailed plans were lacking. As for the labor task fulfillment rate, it marked the lowest at 26.3%. Due to negative economic indicators, labor rights protection or chaebol reformation couldn’t progress much or even retreated. While the fulfillment rate halted at 41.6%, resuming the denuclearization negotiation was a big achievement in the North-South relations field. In diplomacy and national defense, the fulfillment rate turned out to be 72.2%, but the goals need to be revised since they were pulled back from the presidential election pledges. The administration and power institution reformation field showed some changes like installing an independent investigative organization but otherwise remains unchanged because the local police system or National Intelligence Service realignment and such were reduced in size or became a lower priority.


Aside from that, we thoroughly reviewed the fulfillment of ‘Augean stable cleansing’, the first presidential agenda. Dividing into three parts: Power Institutions Reformation, Society and Economics, Diplomacy and National Defense, we presented three consecutive issue reports to address in detail the main government institutions’ trial, procedure and result to liquidate the accumulated evils and inspect the tasks.


Main Activities


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