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[Annual Report 2019] Unwavering Principles of Political and Financial Independence!

Unwavering Principles of Political and Financial Independence!


Since its foundation, PSPD as a power inspection group has been upholding a principle of not succumbing to any authority or influence, and to act independently. For this reason, we strictly decide the political activities of main executives and full-time staff members according to the articles and bylaws of the association. Facing the 2019 general election, we supplemented and reorganized the guidelines for the personnel’s political activities.


The People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy has been able to continue its activities without a hitch thanks to the dedication of the members who send monthly dues to maintain financial independence and the executives who have contributed their expertise without any cost, but who also endured various constraints. We are always grateful for them.


However, it is also true that some media outlets continue to attempt to maliciously criticize and distort activities of PSPD based on political wealth or ideology. There were particularly serious false reports of the PSPD’s attempt to exaggerate its image as biased toward certain political forces, and its stance on reforming the prosecution and verifying the appointment of former Minister Cho Kuk. The distortion of facts was immediately corrected, and malicious media reports were actively rebutted, and there were 17 reports of serious false distortions, including the JoongAng Ilbo and the Chosun Ilbo, which included corrections to the facts. 


We humbly accept legitimate criticisms of our activities. However, we will sternly respond to any attempt to undermine the honor and trust of the PSPD by reporting lies and distortions. 



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