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[Annual Report 2019] Ten years of Academy Neutinamu, learning the changes of the world together

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Ten years of Academy Neutinamu, learning the changes of the world together


2019 was the tenth year since Academy Neutinamu’s renewed founding as a ‘place to learn about the questions of life and changes of the world, together’. Small group leaders and Netinamu keepers, a group of zealous course takers, led the tenth-anniversary event, which included recording, organizing, evaluating and seeking directions about how the Academy should move forward. 


In one year, we opened a total of 64 courses and 344 lectures, coming together with 1,138 people. We opened special lectures that dealt with various current issues such as US-DPRK and North-South relations, export regulations of Japan’s Abe administration, prosecution reformation (including the installment of the independent investigative organization), and National Assembly reformation tasks with 21st general election ahead. Adding on to this, we also tried to seek changes to Korean society holistically with the people through small group discussions and in-depth questions and answers with the participants. To provide more opportunities for the young to learn and grow together, we began a 50% course fee discount policy for the youth of the 20 years old and younger.


Main Activities

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