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[Annual Report 2019] People’s donation, the power that sustains PSPD

People’s donation, the power that sustains PSPD


‘Financial independence through donation’ and ‘rejection of government support fund’ are two financial principles for PSPD to maintain independence as an organization that watches power. Under these doctrines, PSPD has been financially managing through membership fees of the members and non-regular donations. 

Membership fees and donations take up 91.7% of the total income of 2019, and including other business profits and cafe revenues, the total income amounts to 2 billion and 705 million won. Subtracting expenditures of wages, projects,  and other miscellaneous costs (2 billion 642 million won), left us with a net profit of 63 million won.


Especially in 2019, for the purpose of both publicizing agendas and civilian participation, we actively utilized crowdfunding. This year we opened 43 donation boxes to advertise our actions, and as a result, increased participants by six-fold, and doubled the amount of donations compared to 2018. We will continue to work towards announcing various agendas in a friendly manner and draw out participation through donations in 2020. “Solid finance campaign” which we ran near our founding anniversary, received about 1,200 donations by members and non-members. Thank you again.




PSPD does not receive any government funding. We are 100% funded by individual donations and membership fees. To be an independent and transparent watchdog organization, our mandate requires all works of PSPD to be politically impartial.


PSPD finance is based on three principles

1. Our main source of income is individual membership fee. 

2. We do not receive any government grants.

3. Being financially independent is our priority.

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