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Statement on the Atlanta Asian Hate Crime


Statement on the Atlanta Asian Hate Crime 

Eight people were killed in a shooting incident in Atlanta, USA on March 16, of which six were Asian workers. This is an obvious hate crime in that the offender, who is a white male, aimed at shops where female Asians are working from the outset. Since Anti-Asian sentiment has been rapidly spreading in the US after the spread of COVID-19 and the US government has not actively resolved this issue despite the rapid increase in hate crimes, this is a social disaster, not an accident.

According to Stop AAPI Hate (American Civil Organization), hate crimes against Asians living in the USA have surged over the past year after COVID-19 spread, resulting in a total of 3,795 cases in 46 states, with an average of 11 cases per day. In particular, as the former President Donald Trump’s discriminatory remarks against Asians in relation to the spread of COVID-19, and the addition of racist agitation remarks by Republican officials, hatred toward Asians rapidly spread. According to the same report, 68% of those who experienced hate crimes were women, 2.3 times more than men. This shows the vulnerability of Asians in the United States, especially women, to discrimination and crime.

Hate crime laws have been enacted in many states in the United States, as well as in the state of Georgia where the crime took place. However, because a hate crime law deals with criminal motives, it is rarely applied. In particular, there is a tendency that hate crimes are not applied to crimes against Asians because it is hard to find “Anti-Asian symbols”. Despite the increasing discrimination and crimes against Asians after COVID-19 and the increase of the fear and pain that Asians are suffering after this gun murder case, the law as a countermeasure is not working.

In addition, even if Asians suffer hate crimes due to the discriminatory and violent words and actions of the USA police against people of color, there are many cases where reports are avoided. Even if Asians are exposed to hate crimes, they know how harshly the police treat people of color, so they can’t report being worried of the problem is getting bigger or getting hurt. However, this tendency opens up the possibility that the perpetrators are not punished and inflict more serious violence. If USA governments and the police do not have awareness and reflection on this that means no willingness to resolve hate crimes.

For this reality, first of all, Asian civil societies express deep sorrow and anger at the horror and pain that Asians in the USA are experiencing, and in particular expresses deep condolences to the families of the victims of this Atlanta shooting. Second, Asian civil societies urge USA governments and judiciaries to protect Asian lives and human rights, and for this purpose, we demand that the Atlanta case and similar crimes be prosecuted and punished as hate crimes. Third, Asian civil societies demand concrete and practical practices to prevent this from happening again.

Asian civil societies will continue to watch USA governments and American society, and demand that the USA, which claims to be a human rights state, overcome racism and becomes a society with real human rights and freedoms that protects the lives and human rights of all people.

Proposed by

1. Andong YMCA

2. Ansan YMCA

3. Anyang YMCA

4. Asan Citizens’ Solidarity

5. Asan Migrant Workers Center

6. Asan YMCA

7. Boo Tteul

8. Bucheon YMCA

9. Busan YMCA

10. BUTTL’ Chunganm Human Rights Educational Activist Group

11. Catholic Human Rights Committee

12. Cawoman

13. Changwon YMCA

14. Cheonan womem”s hot-line

15. Cheonan YMCA

16. Cheongju YMCA

17. Chuncheon YMCA

18. Chungju YMCA

19. Chungnam people’s solidarity for win-win reunification Korea

20. Citizen’s Coalition for Economic Justice

21. Citizens Opening the World for Welfare

22. Civil Society Organizations Network in Daejeon

23. CN democratic movement association

24. Cowalk

25. Daegu YMCA

26. Daejeon YMCA

27. DangjinYMCA 

28. Dasan Humanrights Center

29. demo.soc

30. Ecofem

31. Gangneung YMCA

32. Geochang YMCA

33. Geoje YMCA

34. Gimcheon YMCA

35. Gimhae YMCA

36. Goyang YMCA


38. Green Future

39. Green Party Korea

40. Gumi YMCA

41. Gunpo YMCA

42. Gunsan YMCA

43. Guri YMCA

44. Gwangju YMCA

45. Gwangmyeong YMCA

46. Gwangyang YMCA

47. Gyeongju YMCA

48. Haenam YMCA

49. Hanam YMCA

50. Hongseong YMCA

51. Hope Center with Migrant Workers

52. Hwasun YMCA

53. Hwasung YMCA

54. Icheon YMCA

55. Iksan YMCA

56. Imsil YMCA

57. Incheon YMCA

58. Incorporated Organization Silcheon Bulgyo

59. Jangsu YMCA

60. Jeju YMCA

61. Jeongeup YMCA

62. Jeonju YMCA

63. Jinan YMCA

64. Jinju YMCA

65. JPIC Commission of Korea Province, the Society of Jesus

66. KFEM Yesan-Hongseong

67. KOCO (Korean  Solidarity for Overseas Community Organization)

68. Korea Federation for Environmental Movements Cheonan-Asan

69. Korea  Women’s Associations United (KWAU)

70. Korea Women’s Hot Line

71. Korean Federation of Environmental Movement

72. Korean House for International Solidarity

73. Korean Pharmacists for Democratic Society

74. Mokpo YMCA

75. Mungyeong YMCA

76. Namyangju YMCA

77. MINBYUN- Lawyers for a Democratic Society International Solidarity Committee

78. National Council of YMCAs of Korea

79. New Bodhisattva Network

80. Paju YMCA

81. Platform.c

82. Pohang YMCA

83. Progressive Korea

84. PSPD (People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy)

85. Pyeongteak YMCA

86. Sarangbang group for human rights

87. Sejong Women

88. Sejong YMCA

89. Seongnam YMCA

90. Seosan YMCA

91. Siheung YMCA

92. Sokcho YMCA

93. Solidarity for Another World

94. Suncheon YMCA

95. Supporters group for migrant workers movement

96. Suwon YMCA

97. Uijeongbu YMCA

98. Ulsan YMCA

99. Wind Hope Human Rights Net

100. Womenlink

101. Wonju YMCA

102. Yangju YMCA

103. Yangsan YMCA

104. Yeongcheon YMCA

105. Yeongju YMCA


107. Yeosu YMCA

108. Yongin YMCA

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