PSPD in English Archive 2000-07-31   1397

Editor’s note

In order to share the activities of the Peoples Solidarity for Participatory Society, the PSPD has published a bi-annual journal, Yondae (“Solidarity” in Korean). As announced in the last issue of Yondae, the journal changed its title to Asia Solidarity Quarterly, and also its covering perspective. The main reason why we have changed the journal is that we would like to include a variety of news on Asian civil organisations in the new quarterly. News on civil activities of significance will be included in the quarterly, even though the PSPD is not directly involved in them. Moreover, we always welcome papers from other countries that should be discussed and shared with activists in Asian civic groups. To discuss and share important issues in Asia is, we believe, the first step to establishing a solid solidarity among Asian civil organisations.

Therefore, the first issue includes the news of the PSPD, the general meeting, and activities of Korean civil groups. In particular, the newsletters of the Civil Action for the 2000 General Elections in Korea (CAGE) is included because it is a new experiment organized by hundreds of Korean civil groups for political reform through campaigning during the recent general election. A detailed review of the CAGE and its future plans will be dealt with in the next issue. This issue also introduces one of leading civil organisations in Korea, the Sarangbang which was created in 1993 and has been enthusiastically organizing various activities for human rights since then. We welcome an introduction of any Asian civil organisation in the quarterly. Please send us news! Another topic in this issue is “Massacre of Civilians during the Vietnamese War:

report on the massacre from Hanoi” – an interview with a war veteran. We expect that this will give you a general map of what went on during the war, and what has to be done concerning the massacre. The campaign against the massacre by Koreans will be reported more in detail in the next issue. Along with the massacre in Vietnam, the massacre of Koreans by the U.S. Army during the Korean War will also be dealt with in the next issue.

Two papers on the WTO are included because we would like to spread discussions on the New Round to our readers. We want the paper by Prof. Jurgen Meyer to give you some insight on how to prevent corruption in society. The PSPD is organizing an international workshop for anti-corruption in society. The paper is given at the first workshop, and the workshop is going to be held some more time in near future. Please send us papers when you have workshops of significance that, you think, should be shared with other activists in Asia. This is one of the reasons why we re-created a new quarterly under the name of Asia Solidarity Quarterly.

Lastly, we would like to apologize for the belated publication of the first issue of the quarterly. We also would like to announce that we are always open to listen to readers’ voices, whether they are critical or supportive. Please do not hesitate to send us your comments, or your papers on your own activities that you think must be shared.

Thank you very much.

Editor in chief, Jin Youngjong, Deputy Secretary General, PSPD

Jin Youngjong, Editor in Chief

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