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International Appeal for a Christmastime Peace in Ukraine

Our International Appeal for a Christmastime Peace in Ukraine was officially sent to our Excellency Mr. Antonio Guterres on the 19th of December. With the letter, we presented the names of all the people and the organizations that supported us, together with the document of peace plans that we have gathered.

On that date, the Christmas Ceasefire Appeal had the support of 72 peace and peace-related organizations around the world and over 3150 individual signatures from activists and peace-loving people. On the night we closed our appeal (07/01/2023) this number already amounts to 3871 signatures.

We see the ceasefire merely as a first step. We believe the fighting should not resume, rather the world must rally in support of peace and a new security architecture for Europe that can prevent such conflicts from arising in the future.

Likewise, we would like to thank your thoughtful and kind support. We’ll keep pushing for a more peaceful world in the best ways we can.

International Appeal for a Christmastime Peace in Ukraine

Let us call for a ceasefire in Ukraine for Christmas 2022/2023, from the 25 December to the 7 January, as a sign of our shared humanity, reconciliation, and peace.

The Christmas Truce of 1914 in the midst of World War I was a symbol of hope and courage, when the people of warring countries organized an armistice on their own authority and joined in spontaneous reconciliation and fraternization. This was proof that even during the most violent conflicts, in the words of Pope Benedict XV, “the guns may fall silent at least upon the night the angels sang”.

We turn to the leaders of the warring parties: let the weapons be silent. Give people a moment of peace and, through this moment, open the way to negotiations.

We call on the international community to strongly support and advocate for a Christmas ceasefire and to push for a new start to negotiations between the two sides.

Our vision and goal is a new peace architecture for Europe which includes security for all European countries on the basis of common security.

Peace, reconciliation, a shared sense of humanity can triumph over the hatred, violence and guilt that currently dominate the war. Let us be reminded that we are all humans and that war and destruction against one another is senseless.

A Christmas truce is a much needed opportunity to again recognize our compassion for one another. Together – we are convinced – the cycle of destruction, suffering and death can be overcome.


☮️ A campaign organized by the International Peace Bureau(IPB). PSPD is a member of IPB.

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