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The crackdown of the police and the Seoul Metro on the rally of persons with disabilities is illegal

Today (November 24), police arrested Park Kyeong-seok, a representative of the Solidarity Against Disability Discrimination(SADD), on suspicion of obstructing business, […]

Protest of the Shoes: Grieving Every Loss of Palestine

Ceasefire Now! Stop the Genocide! Free Palestine! The whole world is witnessing a genocide. From October 7 to today, more […]

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Civil-Political The crackdown of the police and the Seoul Metro on the rally of persons with disabilities is illegal 2023-11-28 
Int. Solidarity Protest of the Shoes: Grieving Every Loss of Palestine 2023-11-23 
Int. Solidarity [Joint Statement] Indonesia: Solidarity for Human Rights Defenders Fatia Maulidiyanti and Haris Azhar 2023-11-22 
Newsletter This Month at PSPD, October 2023 2023-10-31 
Peace/Disarmament We Oppose the Blockade of Gaza, Air Strikes, and the Deployment of Ground Troops 2023-10-23 
Peace/Disarmament Korea Peace Rally in D.C. (10/8) 2023-09-22 
Int. Solidarity [Joint Statement] Bangladesh: Quash charges and immediately release human rights defenders Adilur Rahman Khan and ASM Nasiruddin Elan 2023-09-18 
Int. Solidarity [Joint Statement] Free Khan, Elan; Stop attacks against HRDs in Bangladesh 2023-09-15 
Peace/Disarmament 🔥 Signature Drive ENDS on Sept. 22! 2023-09-15 
Peace/Disarmament Korea Peace Rally & March in NYC (9/30) 2023-09-15 
Int. Solidarity [Joint Statement] Quash conviction and release rights defenders in Bangladesh 2023-09-15 
Int. Solidarity [Joint Statement] Indonesia: Government must declare Munir’s case as a grave violation of human rights 2023-09-07 
Newsletter This Month at PSPD, July/August 2023 2023-08-31 
Int. Solidarity Myanmar military junta, responsible for the Rohingya genocide, must step down immediately! 2023-08-25 
Int. Solidarity [Joint Statement] The Philipines: Human Rights Organisations Condemn Renewed Judicial Harassment Against Human Rights Defenders in the Philippines 2023-08-22 
Int. Solidarity [Joint Statement] Afghanistan: Two years after Taliban takeover – Gender apartheid and persecution of minorities in Afghanistan must end 2023-08-15 
Int. Solidarity The UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Myanmar sent a letter of concern to the government of the Republic of Korea to invite the Ambassador of Myanmar to the arms promotion event 2023-08-07 
Peace/Disarmament Messages from World Religious Leader 2023-07-27 
Peace/Disarmament UN Secretary-General’s Peace Message 2023-07-27 
Peace/Disarmament Press Conference on 70th Anni of the Armistice 2023-07-27 
Peace/Disarmament 70th Year of Armistice : International Symposium 🕊 2023-07-27