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The 20th Anniversary Declaration of PSPD

2014년 9월 15일, 참여연대 창립 20주년 기념행사 단체사진

Let’s move together towards a democratic society where everyone participates as a sovereign and a community of human rights in which dignity of all people is recognized

People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy (PSPD) was founded on 10 September 1994 for the purpose of building a community of hope having two axes, ‘Participation’ and ‘Human Rights’

PSPD has sought to establish the reign of law based on citizens’ democratic participation by monitoring and reporting power abuses and concentration of authorities, and monopoly of opportunities in politics, economic and social sectors. To ensure everyone a dignified life as the right, we have devoted ourselves to proposing and institutionalizing a number of policies and alternatives. We have joined up with all citizens who act for the justice and the peace, and showed friendship across borders. Self-sustaining finance based on membership fees and sponsorship of citizens is our great pride.

People’s participation and power of solidarity have grown well in our society. So many civil actions have proved the belief of PSPD that people’s power changes the world. However, we also realized that even the hard-won institutions and rights would not function properly or easily retreat without consistent participate and solidarity of citizens. 

Democracy and human rights in our society have repeated making progress and stepping back because of chains of corruption and privilege, the barriers of Cold War heritage and division, and the wave of neoliberal globalization. Other obstacles are the ideological and political separation that creates parallel line of confrontation, hostility and hatred against coexistence, the information imbalance that prevents formation of public opinion, and monopoly of the media.

While civil rights have grown slowly, market powers have expanded rapidly. After IMF, our society has become extremely competitive and polarization has worsened since powers and opportunities are concentrated and exclusively shared among the few. It has tumbled down to a dangerous society where daily safety is threatened and ecology is destroyed. 

The armistice regime of the Korean Peninsula has become more unstable since inter-Korean relations have been trapped in the mutual distrust and military confrontation going against people’s expectation for reconciliation and cooperation. The increasing militarism and new hegemony competition on the Korean Peninsula and East Asia are threatening the peace and the security in this area blocking the progress of democracy.

Today in 2014, people’s long efforts for democracy, human rights, justice and peace in our society and global community are facing big trials and challenges. The recent Sewol ferry tragedy has shown clearly how corrupted social system which prioritizes profits ahead of other values threatens human dignity and life, and weakens the public function of the state. However, commitment and actions of citizens are getting powerful resisting against the broken system. Now, citizens take part in and join forces to correct the standards of values and social structure which justify greed and privilege, and push the majority citizens into misery.

Having the 20th anniversary of its foundation, PSPD makes following resolutions facing up to our current crises and hardship, and repeating history of challenges and changes.

We will carry out our duties as a public watchdog and spokesman more faithfully. 

Monitoring the power and advocating the sovereignty of citizens are not only consistent missions of PSPD but also the basis of its existence confirmed in the course of activities over the past 20 years. Our unique role as a watchdog watching watchdogs will be further strengthened. Surveillance of citizens will be expanded to diplomacy and security areas. We will take the lead in democratic control over information power in the age of information technology.

We will do our best to strengthen the public service of the state and the society, and realize economic democratization and universal welfare. Efforts will be made to adopt essential policies and institutions for safe and sustainable society and to establish economic, social and cultural rights.

We will reform the old political system which restricts the realization of suffrage and autonomy and expand the means of expressing opinions and actions of citizens in all fields of our daily lives in order for complete participatory democracy to take root in.

We will be wary of unilateral discrimination and stand against prejudice and discrimination. We will speak for sufferings of the weak and the minority of society, and promote dialogue and communication across generations and regions. PSPD will search for social alternatives based on empathy and solidarity replacing selfishness and competition. Participation and solidarity of citizens across borders will be more promoted. We will maximize civic exchanges and cooperation so that the peace and reconciliation can be established on the Korean Peninsula and East Asia.

We will further innovate to become a partner for acting people and a stepping stone for civic solidarity. 

People’s participation and solidarity are the way for social changes and the fundamental principle of a new community. We will not solely make a progress but with citizen. PSPD will become a faithful partner for reborn democracy and a stepping stone to open a better society.

PSPD will increase the capability to communicate and empathize with the citizen, and promote direct participation of citizens and experts in each field. We will be there at the scene and find a way to solve the problem with stakeholders. We will move forward to where the people are, not waiting for them to come. We will make a young and energetic PSPD.

PSPD will be a playground for future generations’ civil movements and space for learning, healing and training for citizens. We will open up and reform PSPD so that members can play a more proactive role. On the ground of financial independence, more efforts will be put on increasing the fund for sharing and cooperation. 

We will be always prepared to share heavy burdens of citizens who act in more difficult conditions than us. Capacity will be developed for activists and investment will be made for the future of civil movement. 

PSPD will become a tool of change for the citizens who act.

Having 20 years of participation and solidarity, young PSPD fixes the shoe straps of reflection and reform in order to realize dreams which have been built with citizens. Fresher, more mature, warmer and stronger PSPD will always be with citizens who take actions. Let’s move toward a democratic society in which everyone participates as a sovereign and a community of human rights everyone lives with dignity. 

10 September 2014

People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy

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