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Stop Arming Israel! Stop Arms Exports!

On January 19, Urgent Action in ROK Civil Society in Solidarity with Palestine and Campaign Against Arms Fair : Stop ADEX Action held the rally.

GPPAC : The Urgent Need for Dialogue and Regional Cooperation

The Urgent Need for Dialogue and Regional Cooperation to Overcome Divisions and Prevent Armed Conflict

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제목 날짜
Civil-Political The crackdown of the police and the Seoul Metro on the rally of persons with disabilities is illegal 2023-11-28 
Civil-Political The National Assembly Act, which Suspends Examining Petitions, is Unconstitutional 2023-07-03 
Civil-Political The Government and Ruling Party Must Stop Unconstitutional Ban on Nighttime Rallies. 2023-05-24 
Civil-Political Commissioner Yoon Must Rescind His Unconstitutional Restrictions on Assembly! 2023-05-19 
Civil-Political Memorial Night : Remember us Remember 10.29 (Dec.16) 2022-12-14 
Civil-Political Civil Society Stands in Solidarity with the bereaved families and victims of the 10.29 Itaewon Disaster 2022-11-23 
Civil-Political Candlelight Vigil for Itaewon Tragedy Victims (19 Nov) 2022-11-18 
Civil-Political The Government’s Response to the Itaewon Disaster, This is Not Right 2022-11-03 
Civil-Political Rest in peace to the victims of the Itaewon disaster 2022-10-30 
Civil-Political [Statement] The General Election 2020: We call for real political reform 2020-04-16 
Civil-Political [Statement] Court of Appeal upholds verdict that banning one-man protests in front of the presidential office infringes on freedom of expression and plaintiffs are eligible for compensation. 2019-01-28 
Civil-Political [Statement] We demand the immediate discontinuation of the National Assembly’s Special Activity Expenses 2018-07-06 
Civil-Political [Statement] We support the statement which declared that the Prohibition of Assembly within 100 m of the National Assembly building is not conform with the Constitution. 2018-05-31 
Civil-Political A General Review on the first year of the Moon Jae-in Administration 2018-05-10 
Civil-Political [Statement] PSPD Welcomes the Supreme Court’s decision, “Disclose the National Assembly Special Activity Expenses Data” 2018-05-03 
Civil-Political [Statement] PSPD’s Position on the First Trial of Former President Park Geun-hye 2018-04-06 
Civil-Political [Statement] PSPD’s position on the President impeachment bill by National Assembly 2016-12-09 
Civil-Political [Report] Farmer Baek Nam-gi Passed Away 2016-09-26 
Civil-Political [Report] Police Raided Change 2016 for alleged violation of Public Official Election Law 2016-06-21 
Civil-Political [Statement] We Condemn Repression of Legitimate Voter Actions! 2016-06-16 
Civil-Political [Report] Violation of Freedom of Assembly and Association by Restricting Places 2016-01-26