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Stop Arming Israel! Stop Arms Exports!

On January 19, Urgent Action in ROK Civil Society in Solidarity with Palestine and Campaign Against Arms Fair : Stop ADEX Action held the rally.

GPPAC : The Urgent Need for Dialogue and Regional Cooperation

The Urgent Need for Dialogue and Regional Cooperation to Overcome Divisions and Prevent Armed Conflict

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제목 날짜
Sewol Ferry Tragedy [Statement] Forum Asia, Violent Crackdown against Sewol Ferry Protesters Indicates Backsliding in Democracy 2015-04-27 
Sewol Ferry Tragedy [Statement] Stop the excessive law enforcement against protestors and release those under custody! 2014-06-06 
Sewol Ferry Tragedy [Statement] Condolences for Two Divers Killed While on Duty in Ferry Sewol 2014-05-30 
Sewol Ferry Tragedy [Statement] Inspection of Sewol Ferry Victims’ Families: President should apologize to the Sewol Ferry Victim’ families and dismiss a person in charge 2014-05-20 
Sewol Ferry Tragedy [Commentary] Lacking in Acknowledgement of Responsibility, Fails to Mention Amendment in Government Agenda 2014-05-19 
Sewol Ferry Tragedy [Statement] Position of Civil Society on President Park’s Statement on the Sewol Ferry Incident 2014-05-19 
Sewol Ferry Tragedy [Statement] ¡Que libere a los participantes, y deje la represión de la libertad de reunión! 2014-05-18 
Sewol Ferry Tragedy [Statement] Free all the detainees and Stop Oppressing Freedom of Assembly! 2014-05-18 
Sewol Ferry Tragedy A Statement by the Families of the Victims of the Ferry Sewol Disaster 2014-05-16 
Sewol Ferry Tragedy [Statement] 30 days of Sewol ferry tragedy, still 20 victims missing 2014-05-16 
Sewol Ferry Tragedy [Commentary] The investigation into Sewol-ho ferry sailors should not be tail-cropping 2014-05-16 
Sewol Ferry Tragedy [Statement] Condemning Police for Criminalizing “Yellow Ribbon” 2014-05-15