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The crackdown of the police and the Seoul Metro on the rally of persons with disabilities is illegal

Today (November 24), police arrested Park Kyeong-seok, a representative of the Solidarity Against Disability Discrimination(SADD), on suspicion of obstructing business, […]

Protest of the Shoes: Grieving Every Loss of Palestine

Ceasefire Now! Stop the Genocide! Free Palestine! The whole world is witnessing a genocide. From October 7 to today, more […]

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Socio-Economic Stop promoting welfare privatization that denies people’s right to care 2023-06-02 
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Socio-Economic [Summary] Shareholder Activities against Chairman Cho Yang-ho, Korean Air Line 2019-04-12 
Socio-Economic [Statement] The Role of the Samsung Owner Family in Union-busting Operations at Samsung must be Fully Investigated and Brought to Light 2019-01-03 
Socio-Economic [Statement] National Assembly and Administration should more forward with ratifying ILO Conventions and legislating to protect labor rights 2018-11-21 
Socio-Economic [statement] Samsung should end its anti-constitutional management 2018-04-04 
Socio-Economic [contribution] Is Corporate Tax Hike Necessary? 2013-10-01 
Socio-Economic 2013, PSPD-EURODAD Conference For Financial Transparency 2013-09-23 
Socio-Economic [International Symposium] Division and Welfare 2012-10-30 
Socio-Economic [Statement] Samsung should apologize for child labor and improve the poor labor condition at China supplier! 2012-08-16 
Socio-Economic The citizens of Seoul reject mayor Oh Se-hoon’s self-serving plebiscite! 2011-08-22 
Socio-Economic Announcement Demanding Verification on S. Korea-EU FTA 2011-05-31 
Socio-Economic Government and GNP should Stop Railroading Ratification of KOR-EU FTA Immediately 2011-05-31 
Socio-Economic PSPD Operated a Free Taxi Service, the ‘Public Sentiment Taxi’ to Listen to the Voice of Citizens 2011-02-28 
Socio-Economic One Hundred Health and Welfare Scholars Urge the Amendment of the National Basic Livelihood Security Act 2011-02-28 
Socio-Economic Proposal for a High Level Conference on Financial Sector Taxation in 2011 2011-02-23 
Socio-Economic Publication of ‘A Country of Runaway Tuition- Skyrocketing Tuition’ 2011-02-15 
Socio-Economic Is This a Fair Contract?: Sanitation Workers’ Contract, 750,000 won(US $670) a Month 2011-01-26 
Socio-Economic A Proclamation of 591 Social Leaders Urging the Samsung Electronics to Take the Responsibility of Laborers’ Occupational Disease 2011-01-18 
Socio-Economic Campaign for demanding a national inspection of Seoul Mayor Oh Se Hoon 2011-01-17