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The crackdown of the police and the Seoul Metro on the rally of persons with disabilities is illegal

Today (November 24), police arrested Park Kyeong-seok, a representative of the Solidarity Against Disability Discrimination(SADD), on suspicion of obstructing business, […]

Protest of the Shoes: Grieving Every Loss of Palestine

Ceasefire Now! Stop the Genocide! Free Palestine! The whole world is witnessing a genocide. From October 7 to today, more […]

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Socio-Economic [Manifesto] The Officials and Supervisory Office and their Liability: The PSPD’s opinion of the result of inspection of public funds by the Board of Audit and Inspection of Korea 2001-12-19 
Peace/Disarmament [Statement] No War, Just Peace 2001-12-11 
Civil-Political Internet Content Rating System: Simply Protects Youth from Harmful Media? 2001-12-05 
Socio-Economic Joint Campaign launched to give the social assistance payment policy teeth 2001-11-07 
UN Advocacy ICC and its Implications for Korea 2001-10-31 
Archive Focus on the Global South 2001-10-31 
Peace/Disarmament Korean Action Network Against the War 2001-10-31 
Civil-Political People’s Disobedience and the Decision of the Constitutional Court 2001-10-31 
Archive Towards Conserving our Shared Natural Heritage: Wetlands and Birds Korea 2001-10-31 
Archive Editor’s Note 2001-10-31 
Archive Sediment Fauna, Fisheries Catches and Land Earning from the Korean Tidal Flat 2001-10-31 
Socio-Economic The Campaign against the Saemageum Recalmation Project 2001-10-31 
Archive State Violence in the 20th Century and Historical Clarification 2001-10-31 
Archive North-South Korean Reconciliation and Security on the Korean Peninsula 2001-10-31 
Archive Some Reflection on the World Conference Against Racism 2001 2001-10-31 
Archive Report on Migrant Workers in South Korea 2001-10-31 
Archive Race and Rights of Refugees in South Korea 2001-10-31 
Civil-Political [Statement] People’s disobedience and the decision of the Constitutional Court 2001-10-24 
Civil-Political Journalists in Peril: The Korean Case 2001-10-10 
Civil-Political The Integrity Pact 2001-10-10 
Socio-Economic We Want “Cellphone Rate Cut” 2001-09-26