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Stop Arming Israel! Stop Arms Exports!

On January 19, Urgent Action in ROK Civil Society in Solidarity with Palestine and Campaign Against Arms Fair : Stop ADEX Action held the rally.

GPPAC : The Urgent Need for Dialogue and Regional Cooperation

The Urgent Need for Dialogue and Regional Cooperation to Overcome Divisions and Prevent Armed Conflict

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제목 날짜
Peace/Disarmament We Strongly Condemn Ambassador Sun Joun-Yung’s Improper Remarks 2003-03-28 
Peace/Disarmament In This Fateful Hour: The U.S., Iraq, Korea & Nuclear Weapons 2003-03-21 
Peace/Disarmament We Condemn Bush’s War 2003-03-20 
Peace/Disarmament Revise SOFA! No more death! 2003-02-21 
Peace/Disarmament Rallies for peace of the world 2003-02-21 
Peace/Disarmament Humanitarian Assistance to North Korea Should Continue for the People in Dire Need in North Korea, the first victims of the security crisis on the Korean Peninsula 2003-02-21 
Peace/Disarmament Candle rallies for dignity and peace 2003-02-21 
Peace/Disarmament “South Korea is Burning” 2003-02-21 
Peace/Disarmament Candlelight in South Korea 2003-02-21 
Peace/Disarmament 2003 The Year of Independence and Peace 2003-02-21 
Peace/Disarmament Final Statement East Asia- U.S. – Puerto Rico Women’s Network Against Militarism Seoul, Korea, August 15 – 19, 2002 2002-08-27 
Peace/Disarmament An Inter-Korean Naval Battle in the Yellow Sea Happened on 29 June 2002-07-18 
Peace/Disarmament Suspicions and Controversy over F-15K 2002-04-30 
Peace/Disarmament Government Should Announce the Details of the Additional F-15K Bargaining Session. 2002-04-30 
Peace/Disarmament Statement of Korean Groups for Peace: We Urge Israel to Stop Slaughtering Palestinians 2002-03-23 
Peace/Disarmament Solidarity Message from Korean Groups for Peace: We, the Korean Groups for Peace, are Extending a Strong Support to the Peace-Loving Activists in Israel! 2002-03-23 
Peace/Disarmament Solidarity Message for Peace from Korean Peace Groups 2002-03-23 
Peace/Disarmament [Statement] No War, Just Peace 2001-12-11 
Peace/Disarmament Korean Action Network Against the War 2001-10-31 
Peace/Disarmament [Statement] The U.S. Government’s Declaration to Attack Afghanistan 2001-09-17 
Peace/Disarmament South Civilian Delegation attended the 56th National Liberation Day Ceremony in Pyongyang from 15 to 21 August 2001-09-15