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[Sign Now] HD Hyundai must cut all ties with Israel immediately! (~14th May.)

Signature Campaign HD Hyundai must cut all ties with Israel immediately! #HomeDestroyerHyundai We demand that HD Hyundai uphold the values […]

Urgent Action : Stop Funding Genocide!

held an emergency protest action prior to the 3rd Summit for Democracy on Monday, March 18th, at 9AM near the Shilla Hotel in Seoul.

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Peace/Disarmament [Statement] We cannot possibly go back to times of competition and hostility. 2020-01-07 
Peace/Disarmament [Statement] Shame on the enaction of the bill that degrades the significance of the first alternative military service for conscientious objectors 2019-12-27 
Peace/Disarmament [Joint Statement] The United States should stop pressing for an unreasonable share of the cost of the U.S. military presence in South Korea 2019-12-24 
Peace/Disarmament [Publication] Perspectives on Peace and Security in a Changing Northeast Asia – Voices from Civil Society and the Ulaanbaatar Process 2019-09-05 
Peace/Disarmament [GPPAC] GPPAC NEA Regional Meeting : Ulaanbaatar Process V 2019-09-05 
Peace/Disarmament [GPPAC][Statement]Calling for a Peaceful Relationship between the Governments of the Republic of Korea and Japan 2019-09-05 
Peace/Disarmament [Watch Report 14] The UN Security Council Meeting Called by the UK, France, and Germany Should Have Discussed Ways to Enhance the Implementation of the Singapore Agreement, not Sanctions against the DPRK 2019-08-28 
Peace/Disarmament [Watch Report 13] To Prevent Deterioration of the Korean Situation Caused by Military Incidents, International Support to Utilize the Inter-Korean Joint Military Committee Is Recommended 2019-08-02 
Peace/Disarmament [Statement] Condemnation of Abe Government’s Decision to Remove Korea from Whitelist 2019-08-02 
Peace/Disarmament [Open Letter] On the 66th Anniversary of the Armistice Signing, More Than 80 Organizations Call for an End to the Korean War 2019-07-27 
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