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[Sign Now] HD Hyundai must cut all ties with Israel immediately! (~14th May.)

Signature Campaign HD Hyundai must cut all ties with Israel immediately! #HomeDestroyerHyundai We demand that HD Hyundai uphold the values […]

Urgent Action : Stop Funding Genocide!

held an emergency protest action prior to the 3rd Summit for Democracy on Monday, March 18th, at 9AM near the Shilla Hotel in Seoul.

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제목 날짜
Peace/Disarmament [NPT Statement] End the Korean War and Move towards Nuclear-Weapon-Free Northeast Asia 2019-05-01 
Peace/Disarmament [Open Letter] The peace process on the Korean Peninsula must go on 2019-03-22 
Peace/Disarmament [Statement] GPPAC NEA Response to DPRK-US Hanoi Summit Outcome 2019-03-04 
Peace/Disarmament [Statement] The second DPRK-US Summit : Dialogue Must Continue 2019-02-28 
Peace/Disarmament [Statement] GPPAC Welcoming the DPRK-US Hanoi Summit 2019-02-25 
Peace/Disarmament [Watch Report] US Policy is Shifting toward Phased, Simultaneous and Parallel Denuclearization Measures 2019-02-12 
Peace/Disarmament [Statement] MND decision reduces conscientious objection to a purely religious issue 2019-01-06 
Peace/Disarmament [Civil Peace Forum] How did “the First Come Unification” become “Subject”? 2018-12-26 
Peace/Disarmament [Statement] Defend the INF Treaty : Appeal by IPB and its partners 2018-12-08 
Peace/Disarmament [Statement] The National Assembly Should Reject the Unconstitutional Motion to Extend the Deployment of Troops in the UAE 2018-11-20 
Peace/Disarmament [Civil Peace Forum] China’s Strategy on the Korean Peninsula at a Time of Great Transition 2018-10-23 
Peace/Disarmament 2018 International Solidarity Statement against the International Fleet Review in Jeju 2018-10-10 
Peace/Disarmament [Civil Peace Forum] Proposal of Agreement On Peace Regime Construction and Denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula 2018-09-20 
Peace/Disarmament [Statement] The United Sates should cease demanding excessive increases in defense funding and the creation of groundless "operational support" items 2018-08-22 
Peace/Disarmament [Civil Peace Forum] Ushering in an Era of Great Transformation on the Korean Peninsula through Citizen Participation 2018-07-28 
Peace/Disarmament [Joint Statement] Welcoming the Constitutional Court Decision recognizing conscientious objection 2018-07-03 
Peace/Disarmament [GPPAC][Statement] Welcoming the Singapore Summit : A Step Towards a Peaceful, Nuclear-Free Korean Peninsula 2018-06-15 
Peace/Disarmament [ICAN] Five Steps to Denuclearise the Korean peninsula 2018-06-11 
Peace/Disarmament [Statement] PSPD strongly condemns the abrupt withdrawal of the US from the DPRK-US Summit 2018-05-25 
Peace/Disarmament [Statement] Stop the ROK-U.S. Air Force Exercise, Max Thunder. 2018-05-17 
Peace/Disarmament [GDAMS][Statement] Panmunjeom Declaration should lead to a complete reconsideration of the Defense Capacity Building Project 2018-05-02