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2024 GDAMS : Military spending threaten everyone! Disarmament now for humans and the planet!

Amidst the clouds of war that have engulfed the world, militarism, which advocates “peace through strength,” is on the rise. […]

[Join Now] Hold Israel Accontable for Genocide of Palestinians (~May 8th)

We are pressing charges against Israeli war criminals to South Korean law enforcement to hold them accountable for war crimes and STOP the genocide.
Please join our legal action as a co-accuser, and spread the word! 🙏

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제목 날짜
Peace/Disarmament [Statement] Stop the ROK-U.S. Air Force Exercise, Max Thunder. 2018-05-17 
Peace/Disarmament [GDAMS][Statement] Panmunjeom Declaration should lead to a complete reconsideration of the Defense Capacity Building Project 2018-05-02 
Peace/Disarmament [GPPAC][Statement] Welcoming the 2018 Inter-Korean Summit 2018-04-28 
Peace/Disarmament [Statement] We Welcome the Panmunjeom Declaration 2018-04-28 
Peace/Disarmament [Statement] Propose four principles in respect to inter Korean summit 2018-04-16 
Peace/Disarmament [2018 Peace Report-1] Pyeongchang Olympics and the Great Shift in Korea 2018-04-10 
Peace/Disarmament [Statement] Vancouver FMs’ meeting highlights Pressure not diplomacy 2018-01-16 
Peace/Disarmament [Statement] The Vancouver Women’s Forum on Peace and Security on the Korean Peninsula 2018-01-15 
Peace/Disarmament [Peace Report] Corruption in the Defense Industry from the Arms Trade and the Response of Civil Society 2017-11-10 
Peace/Disarmament [Statement] Appeal for a diplomatic solution in North East Asia 2017-09-26 
Peace/Disarmament [Publication][GPPAC] Reflections on Peace and Security in Northeast Asia 2017-09-01 
Peace/Disarmament [Joint Statement] Now Is the Time for Dialogue on Denuclearization and Not Military Action That Will Escalate the Crisis on the Korean Peninsula 2017-05-16 
Peace/Disarmament [Letter] To President Trump, From Soseong-ri, Seongju 2017-05-08 
Peace/Disarmament Civil Society’s Declaration against GSOMIA between South Korea and Japan 2016-11-16 
Peace/Disarmament 2016 World Peace Congress : Action Agenda of IPB 2016-10-02 
Peace/Disarmament [Statement] The decision to place THAAD in South Korea must be rescinded 2016-07-14 
Peace/Disarmament [GDAMS] [Statement] How long should South Korea stay as an international loser? 2016-04-05 
Peace/Disarmament [Open Letter] Call to help strengthen worldwide nuclear security by stopping plutonium separation 2016-04-05 
Peace/Disarmament [Statement] We Oppose THAAD System Deployment in South Korea 2016-02-16 
Peace/Disarmament [Joint Statement] Reopen Kaesong Industrial Complex Immediately 2016-02-11 
Peace/Disarmament [Statement] Strongly denounces ‘hydrogen bomb testing of North Korea’ 2016-01-31