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[Sign Now] HD Hyundai must cut all ties with Israel immediately! (~14th May.)

Signature Campaign HD Hyundai must cut all ties with Israel immediately! #HomeDestroyerHyundai We demand that HD Hyundai uphold the values […]

Urgent Action : Stop Funding Genocide!

held an emergency protest action prior to the 3rd Summit for Democracy on Monday, March 18th, at 9AM near the Shilla Hotel in Seoul.

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제목 날짜
Peace/Disarmament [Declaration] 2015 International Conference for Peace in East Asia ‘No Wars, No Nukes’ 2015-08-19 
Peace/Disarmament [Press Conference] Environmental Impact Assessment of the Jeju Soft Coral 2015-08-05 
Peace/Disarmament [Solidarity Message] Japan, Stop Military Buildup! Preserve Peace Constitution! 2015-06-12 
Peace/Disarmament [Joint Statement] Inappropriate President Park Geun-hye’s Planned Visit to the United States: 2015-06-11 
Peace/Disarmament [Global Citizen’s Declaration] A Call for an End to the Korean War and the Elimination of Nuclear Threats on the Korean Peninsula 2015-05-15 
Peace/Disarmament [Oral Statement] Civil Society Presentation during 2015 NPT by PSPD 2015-05-01 
Peace/Disarmament [Open Letter] South Korean NGOs call to US Congress 2015-04-27 
Peace/Disarmament [Open Letter] Regarding Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s visit and speech in Washington D.C. 2015-04-27 
Peace/Disarmament [GDAMS] [Statement] Our Taxes on Social Welfare instead of on Weaponry 2015-04-13 
Peace/Disarmament [GPPAC Statement] Statement on Global Day of Action on Military Spending 2015-04-13 
Peace/Disarmament PSPD statement on the attack on U.S. ambassador to South Korea, Mark Lippert 2015-03-05 
Peace/Disarmament [Report] Alternative Approach to the Actual Improvement of Human Rights in North Korea 2014-12-31 
Peace/Disarmament [Statement] GPPAC Int’l Conf.: Dimensions to create a Nuclear-Weapon Free Northeast Asia 2014-11-26 
Peace/Disarmament [Statement] Korea must stop its military aid to and arms trade with Israel now! 2014-08-08 
Peace/Disarmament [Letter] CSOs Demand on GAZA 2014 2014-07-25 
Peace/Disarmament [Statement] Israel must stop its murderous airstrikes now! 2014-07-25 
Peace/Disarmament [Notice] 2014 Gangjeong Grand March for Life and Peace (July 29 to Aug. 2) 2014-06-27 
Peace/Disarmament [Statement] The government employs cruel violence instead of persuasion and communications in Miryang 2014-06-12 
Peace/Disarmament [2014 NPT prepcom] Statement: PNND and WFC launch a series of parliamentary hearings and other events on nuclear-weapon-free world 2014-05-08 
Peace/Disarmament [2014 NPT PrepCom] Time for Action to Establish a NEA NWFZ 2014-04-28 
Peace/Disarmament [Joint Statement] Use Our Tax on Welfare, not Warfare 2014-04-25