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Candlelight Vigil for Itaewon Tragedy Victims (19 Nov)

Candle-light Vigil for Itaewon Tragedy Victims
“It’s not your fault”

The Government’s Response to the Itaewon Disaster, This is Not Right

On 3 November 2022, South Korean disaster and industrial accident victims’ organizations, religious, civil society, and labor organizations held a […]

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Peace/Disarmament Peace Declaration by Religious and Civil Societies on the ROK-US Summit 2022-05-20 
Peace/Disarmament GPPAC NEA Dialogue : The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) and Northeast Asia 2022-05-19 
Peace/Disarmament Prompt and unconditional humanitarian cooperation for the Covid-19 response for North Korean 2022-05-17 
Peace/Disarmament 2022 GDAMS : Stop arms race, Give peace a chance 2022-04-25 
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Peace/Disarmament [Statement] Call for Suspending US-ROK Military Exercises! 2022-04-05 
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Peace/Disarmament Stop the War in Ukraine : Candlelight Vigil Friday for Peace 2022-03-25 
Peace/Disarmament [Statement] Concerns over North Korea’s Rocket Launch Test 2022-03-21 
Peace/Disarmament Stop the War in Ukraine : Candlelight Vigil Friday for Peace 2022-03-18