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[Statement] PSPD’s position on the President impeachment bill by National Assembly


PSPD’s position on the President impeachment bill by National Assembly

National Assembly approving impeachment, an obvious result reflecting people’s demand


(9 December 2016, Seoul) People had won. Today (9 December 2016), the President Park Geun-hye’s impeachment indictment has been passed with approval of 235 out of 300 incumbent National Assembly. The National Assembly’s impeachment bill passing is an obvious result to meet the demands of people calling for an immediate resignation of the President. The President, who is impeached from both people and national assembly, should not stand against the people and resign immediately 
The President’s impeachment bill approved by the National Assembly proved that all power comes out from the people. While the politicians were perplexed and calculating their political interests in this unprecedented state of President’s constitutional violation and monopolization of state affairs, it was people who was always stayed firm and led to passing of impeachment. Although impeachment has been passed, it is still a matter of fact that people’s scar, anger and despair is in incalculable situation. 


The National Assembly’s impeachment passing today is just a starting point of judging powers who were monopolizing state affairs including Park Geun-hye. As people’s will, constitutional order must be back on track and state running must be normalized. To start, Park Geun-hye who was unaware of the President’s role and cannot be expected of any sort must resign from that position and be investigated as suspect. The Prime Minister, Hwang Kyo-ahn who will be next in line from today’s impeachment must also immediately resign. He is also a person who shares direct responsibility with Park regime’s failure of state affairs. Also, officials including Special Prosecutor’s Office must not delay investigation on the President’s all forms of illegal activities and allegations and must implement forced investigation. The Constitutional court must finalize the review as soon as possible and respond to people’s demands.
As it was confirmed today, even when people who are vested with sovereign rights have no less of a clear opinion, there are still political powers present to guard powers that had monopolized state of affairs and against impeachment. These people who were entrusted with power temporarily to represent people are only pursuing their own individual political interests and colluding with specific political powers like the President to maintain their power. Such political forces should be eliminated. This is the reason why Sanuri Party must be dismantled. 

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