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[Annual Report 2018] We Want Responsible International Development Cooperation

We Want Responsible International Development Cooperation

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Monitoring Korean Official Development Assistance (ODA) in Laos and the Philippines

In July 2018, auxiliary dams at the Xe Pian-Xe Namnoy dam project in Laos collapsed, killing hundreds of local residents. The project was being carried out using South Korean ODA. Immediately after the accident, PSPD, along with local civic groups, set up the Korean Civil Society Task Force to deal with the accident and urged the Korean government and businesses to take responsible measures, including finding out the truth of the accident, supporting victims and preventing its recurrence. PSPD also conducted a campaign to visit local activists and victims. In addition, activities against the construction of the Jalaur River Multi-purpose Project Stage II (JRMP II) in the Philippines has been carried out by PSPS in cooperation with local activists and residents highlight problems in the dam’s construction and urge an appropriate response.


Solidarity with the Rohingya, Non-existing Existence

Though the genocide of the Rohingya in Myanmar has gained international attention in the last few years, in fact, their repression has continued slowly for the last 40 years. PSPD, along with local civic groups, conducted various activities, including Rohingya Genocide Remembrance Day, a press conference, and sending letters to the governments of India and Bangladesh opposing the forced repatriation of refugees.


We Inform the Reality of Asian Democracy and Human Rights

In 2018, PSPD continued to promote Asian issues and international issues through our Asia Thought column and Asian Podcast, the only Korean podcast focused primarily on these issues. PSPD reported on the political situation in Vietnam and Malaysia, the refugee issue in Yemen, the death of a Saudi Arabian journalist and the conflict in the Middle East. In response to the New Southern Policy of the Moon Jae-in government, PSPD suggested a way to contribute to the building of an East Asian Community that did not simply view ASEAN nations as mere economic and strategic partners. Lastly, PSPD invited deputy leader of the currently repressed Cambodia National Rescue Party to speak to Korean citizens about the crisis of democracy in Cambodia, a country ruled by the prime minister Hun Sen for 33 years.


Main Activities

  • 04/05 [Open Talks] Why does Korea ODA cause suffering in the Philippines?
  • 06/04 [Statement] President Duterte must stop the extra-judicial killings and repression against the Philippines civil society.
  • 07~12 Discussions on the establishment of a Partnership Framework for civil society in the field of International Development Cooperation.
  • 08/09 [Press Conference] The dam project that took away the lives of residents in Laos, whose development was it for?
  • 08/09 [Open Talks] Cambodia’s general election and the crisis of democracy.
  • 08/19 [Statement] The National Election Commission should review the introduction of electronic voting for DR Congo.
  • 08/24 [Memorial Event] Rohingya Genocide Remembrance Day “Going Home” 
  • 09/19 [International Public Forum] The Collapse of the Xe Pian-Xe Namnoy Dams in Laos: Voices from the ground and Korea.
  • 10/22 [Open Talks] The Rohingya story as told by Maung Zarni.
  • 11 broadcasts of Asia Pod, 8 publications of Asian Thought, and the Monthly English Newsletter of PSPD.

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