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[Annual Report 2018] Learn the Challenges, Academy “Neutinamu”

Learn the Challenges, Academy “Neutinamu”

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In 2018, the “Progressive Human Happiness Course” of Academy “Neutinamu” continued to host various programs, such as the democratic school, the liberal arts school, the civic arts school, self-exploration, and good morning seminars. With the rise of true democratic stability ever since the Candlelight Revolution, it was a year filled with worries and pressures to meet daily life democratic expectations.


There was also a 70th anniversary Jeju April 3rd Massacre Peace Trip, where participants got to personally experience and learn from the contemporary pain and suffering surrounding the incident. Utilizing various artistic genres, such as art exhibitions, civic theatrical performances, hip-hop rap, sound workshops, and guitar performances, the program endlessly attempted to connect the concepts of society, generations, and era. Academy “Neutinamu” is becoming a space for learning and reflecting on the problems surrounding the “I and We” era.


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