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[Annual Report 2018] Studying Civic Movement and Democracy, Institute for a Participatory Society

Studying Civic Movement and Democracy, Institute for a Participatory Society


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Support for the Research of Democracy and Civil Society Movement

PSPD’s Institute for a Participatory Society is conducting research to expand the scope of progressive civil society under the slogan ‘The Site of Civil Society is Our Laboratory.’ As part of this effort, we have established a research fund to continue our research support in the areas of democracy, civil politics, and civil society movement. In 2018, PSPD decided and proceeded with detailed research on “Theoretical Research of Representative Democracy” and “Experimental Research on Democratic Decision-Making Systems,” eventually producing a total of nine research projects. Additionally, through the newly created “2018 Democratic Essay Contest,” the PSPD was able to find and support up-and-coming writers and researchers of civil society movements.


<Citizens and the World>, Linking Theory to Reality

In October 2018, the PSPD journal <Citizens and the World> was a candidate on the academic journal list of the Korea Research Foundation. As an academic journal published by a subsidiary Civil Society Research Institute, there is hope for the journal to greatly contribute to both civil society movement and academic communities. In 2018, the Institute for a Participatory Society published the <Citizens and the World> journal in June and December. Volume 33 of <Citizens of the World>, the first volume published following the candidacy nomination, displays case studies of how decisions are made in the field. Going forward, the journal strives to feature more works on the themes of civil movement and participatory democracy by academics and present more links between theory and reality.


Spaces for Reason and Argument: “Participatory Society Forum,” “Civil Political Review”

The Institute for a Participatory Society is conducting the “Participatory Society Forum” in an attempt to shed light on the prospects of social movements through debates on qualitative interpretations about society. In 2018, the PSPD held forums to analyze the different political atmosphere and epistemological changes that appeared following the Candlelight Revolution. Especially in the forum held in November, social movements and party movements paid great attention to the thoughts on the global spread of populism and its impact on the Korean political system. In 2018, the “Citizens Political Review,” aimed at examining current issues and intervening at critical moments, was published weekly in the Pressian newspaper for public reading.


Main activities

  • 05/18 [Forum] Paradox of Fairness
  • 6/30 [Journal] Bi-annual journal “Citizens and the World” Volume 32 published
  • 07/11 [Forum] Democracy after Candlelight: Direct or Representative?
  • 07/06 [Contests] 2018 Democracy Essay Contest 
  • 10/13 [Forum] A Study on the Democratic Decision-Making System
  • 10/26 [Roundtable] The Direction and Tasks of a Peace and Welfare State
  • 11/30 [Forum] The Populism Era and Democracy: A Failure or Transformation of Politics?
  • 12/28 [Review] “Civil Political Review” Issue 486 published (Total 51 episodes published in 2018)
  • 12/31 [Journal] Bi-annual journal “Citizens and the World” Volume 33 published.

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