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[Annual Report 2018] Getting rid of the blind spots in the protection of whistleblowers

Getting rid of the blind spots in the protection of whistleblowers

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We have been trying to improve the system to protect whistleblowers.

There are two laws in our country to protect whistleblowers. Whistleblowers in the public sector get protected by the Corruption Prevention Act, while whistleblowers who report about the infringement of public interest in the private sector are protected by the Whistleblower Protection Act. However, both laws have limitations due to the limited ways to report a wrong doing and limited protections for whistleblowers. In response, we submitted a petition to the National Assembly for the Anti-Corruption Act and the Whistleblower Protection Act which would expand the range protections for whistleblowers. In addition, the Representation through Attorneys amendment we advocated for, which help prevents retaliation against whistleblowers such as being dismissed from the company or agency, was added to the Whistleblower Protection Act in April 2018.


Preventing Whistleblowers from Harm

We urged Kang Shin-Chun to return to work after he was wrongly dismissed for reporting corruption at the Jeonbuk Blood Center of the Korean Red Cross by submitting a written opinion. Additionally, we requested a swift investigation by the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission and filed a complaint against Palm Han-nong in violation of the Public Service Report Protection Act after Lee Jong-hun reported about the Palm Hannong industrial accident. Finally, we provided support to professor Ryu Young-jun, who was indicted for defamation after exposing Hwang Woo-suk of plagiarizing his dissertation, as well as those who reported the abuse of the disabled at the Center for the Protection of the Disabled.


2018 Public Informer’s Night – 5 people awarded

Since 2010, we have established the ‘Award for Righteousness’ and presented it every December to honor the courage and dedication of public service whistleblowers who reported public infringement such as abuse of government power, wasting the budget, and violation of private institutions’ laws to related agencies. In 2018, we again awarded five whistleblowers, including Mr. Kim Jong-baek, who reported the evidence and testimony to prove that former president Lee Myung-bak is the owner of DAS.


Main Activities

  • 05/10 [Written Opinion] Requests for investigation of the leak of informants, and for preparation of measures to prevent recurrence to Anti-Corruption & Civil Rights Commission.
  • 05/14 [Written Opinion] the five inspectors of the railway safety and public service whistleblowers, call for an apology from KORAIL, to come up with measures to recover damages.
  • 05/23 [Written Opinion] Call for protection of Kang Shin-chun, a whistleblower who reported corruption at the National Red Cross Society’s Jeonbuk Blood Center
  • 08/28 [Legislation Petition] PSPD calls for the revision of the Corruption Prevention Act and the Protection Law for Whistleblower
  • 09/18 [Written Opinion] Request protection of Prof. Ryu Young-joon who was sued by the court for Hwang Woo-suk
  • 12/07 [Event] 9th Night for Whistleblower and 2018 PSPD Award for Righteousness for 5 People
  • 12/07 [Research] Published People Who Have Blown the Whistle of their Conscience <History of Whistleblowers in Our Society Seen through the Person>


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