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[Statement] Hong Kong, Mourning the death of Chow Tsz-lok






Mourning the death of Chow Tsz-lok, a student protester who fell from a car park near a police clearance operation. 

Hong Kong and the Chinese government should stop the indiscriminate violence and establish an independent committee to investigate arbitrary police violence.

We call on the Korean government to declare a position on the situation of human rights violations in Hong Kong. 


The current situation in Hong Kong is dire. The protests, which began in late March, have been on-going for eight months. Beyond the amendment to the extradition bill, people are angry with the socio-economic deprivation that resulted upon returning to mainland China and Hong Kong’s democracy is not assured. Yet, they continue fighting for democracy, human rights and the future of Hong Kong. The Hong Kong police have quelled the protesters indiscriminately and violence is breeding violence. In addition, the ‘white terror’ against the citizens who participate in the protests is also becoming serious. Chow Tsz-lok, a Hong Kong student fell to his death in a parking garage trying to avoid tear gas shot by police during the protest of November 4. We mourn the unfortunate death of a young man and grieve for the death of a protester led by the violent crackdown of Hong Kong police. 


Hong Kong has continued to suppress freedom of expression and assembly. Hong Kong police have been indiscriminately suppressing the protests by wielding riot rods, shooting tear gas at protesters, and even using water cannons, special forces, and firing live ammunition. To date, the number of arrested protesters has exceeded at least 3,000 with fully 500 indicted. The number of youth under the age of 15 arrested during the protests also exceeded 100.


The ban on assembly and such excessive response of police are intensifying the rallies. Hong Kong and the Chinese government should no longer respond to the anger of Hong Kong citizens with violence. They should the people’s demands for democracy and human rights and attentively listen to the voice of the people. 


Korean Civil Society groups, which support the Hong Kong protests, are in solidarity with the Hong Kong people for their persistent resistance and demand the Hong Kong and Chinese government to: 


First, launch an independent investigation committee to investigate arbitrary police violence. There is evidence that the death of Chow was led by the hard-line suppression of police. As there is an eyewitness testimony that the police interfered with the first aid of rescue personnel and blocked the entry of the ambulance into the scene, it is necessary to thoroughly clarify the cause of the death. The Hong Kong government should establish an independent investigation committee to look into any incidents where people were injured or cracked down by the hard-line suppression of police as well as the student’s death.


Second, the district council election scheduled for November 24 should proceed as scheduled. The Hong Kong government is trying to put off the election, where the pro-Chinese ruling party’s victory is opaque, on the excuse of the ongoing protests. It claims that the election can have a setback if the violent protest continues. However, Hong Kong citizens should not be deprived of any opportunities to express their opinions and wrath.


In the meantime, many citizens of Hong Kong hope that Korean citizens who have walked the long path of democratization through the 5.18 Gwangju Democratization Movement, the June Democracy Movement in 1987, and the 2016-2017 candlelight revolution will stand by Hong Kong citizens. Just as the international community expresses interest and support for the country’s pro-democracy movement during the Korean military dictatorship, they are pleading for more interest and support of Koreans for their democratic aspiration. However, the South Korean government has yet to mention the serious situation in Hong Kong.  It is embarrassing to think that Korea, a member of the UN Human Rights Council, has yet to condemn the rights abuses. The South Korean government should no longer be silent about Hong Kong citizens’ cry for democracy. We hope that Korea can be remembered as a country that sympathizes with the pain over the border and is not silent on human rights issues.


We are here today and pledge to stand by Hong Kong citizens and demand:


Hong Kong and the Chinese government should immediately stop violent crackdown of protesters

Hong Kong and the Chinese government should set up an independent investigation committee on the violent crackdown by police.

Hong Kong and the Chinese government should hold the district council election on November 24 as scheduled

The Korean government should express its position on human rights violations in Hong Kong.


November 9, 2019

The statement is endorsed by 67 South Korean NGOs: 

APIL(Advocates for Public Interest Law)

Asia Democracy Network

Asian Companions Against Brutality

Asian Dignity Initiative


Catholic Human Rights Committee

Citizens’ Coalition for Economic Justice

Civil Society Organizations Network in Korea

Civilian association supporting democracy of Hong kong 

Civilian Military Watch

Commons and Interdependent Library and Archive


Cultural Action

Dialogue China (對話中國)


Ecumenical Youth Council in Korea

GongGam Human Rights Law Foundation


Gwangju Human Rights Peace Foundation

Heidi Law


Human Rights Education Center – DEUL

Human Rights Festa

Human Rights Movement Space ‘Hwal’

Incorporated Organization Silcheon Bulgyo 

Jeju Dark Tours

Jesuit Research Center for Advocacy and Solidarity

Just’ Feminist

Justice, Peace and Ecology Committee of Catholic Men Religious in Korea

KCAO(Korea Christian  Action Organisation)

Korea Association for Restorative Justice

Korea Association of Christian Women  for Women Minjung 

Korea Christian Environmental Movement Solidarity for Integrity of Creation

Korea Federation for Environmental Movements

Korea Student Christian Federation

Korea Women’s Associations United (KWAU)

Korea Women’s Hot Line

Korea Women’s Political Solidarity 

Korea YMCA

Korean House for International Solidarity

Korean Solidarity for Overseas Community Organization

Kwang Hwa Moon TV

Mamsangmo, Merchant Tenants’ Organization Against force eviction and unfair lease problem

Migrant workers movement supporters group

MINBYUN – Lawyers for a Democratic Society International Solidarity Committee

NANCEN_Refugee Rights Center


New Bodhisattva Network


OFM(Order of Friars Minor) JPIC


Peace MOMO

People & Commune

People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy

PIDA (People’s Initiative for Development Alternatives)

Rainbow Action Against Sexual-Minority Discrimination


Solidarity for Another World 

Solidarity for LGBT Humanrights of Korea

The Green Party of Korea

The Human Rights Center of National Council of Churches in Korea

The May 18 Memorial Foundation

Tomorrow girls troop

Transgender Liberation Front(TLF)

Women Making Peace

YeoungDeungPo Urban Industrial Mission (YDPUIM) 

Youth Anarchists


















與此同時,香港市民期望曾經歷518光州民主化運動、1987年6月民主抗爭和2016-17年燭光革命的韓國人同行。正如當時在韓國軍政府的極權統治下,國際社會亦表達對韓國的民主化運動的支持與關心。香港人也同樣懇求韓國社會表達對香港民主化運動的支持與關心。可是, 韓國政府仍未言及香港嚴峻的情況。韓國作為聯合國人權委員會的成員之一仍未就香港的人權侵害作出任何的譴責實在是令人尷尬。韓國政府就香港市民對民主的吶喊不應再沉默不語。我們希望韓國會被認作是一個會對國際上苦難作出憐憫的國家,並不會因人權問題而沉默。



1. 香港和中國政府必須立即停止武力鎮壓示威者

2. 香港和中國政府必須成立獨立調查委員會調查警方暴力鎮壓

3. 香港和中國政府必須確保11月24日的區議會選舉如期舉行

4. 韓國政府必須就香港人權侵犯表達立場






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