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[UN Advocacy] Joint NGO Submission to the Committee against Torture for LoIPR

Joint NGO Submission to the Committee against Torture for the List of Issues Prior to Reporting 


February 2020


The South Korean Human Rights Organizations Network composed of 76 human rights organizations in the Republic of Korea submits its report to the Committee against Torture (‘the Committee’) in advance of the preparation of the list of issues prior to reporting (LoIPR) for the review of the 6th periodic report of the Republic of Korea(‘ROK’), at its 69th session from 20 April to 15 May 2020.


In this report, we, the South Korean Human Rights Network, would like to propose and enumerate below particularly noteworthy points of inquiry to be put forth to the ROK government. We present first our assessment of the situation of human rights in South Korea and suggest a list of issues.


Table of Contents



 1. Definition of Torture and Revision of Criminal Law

 2. Issues on Torture Cases

  •    Statute of Limitations in Civil Procedures
  •    Statute of Limitations in Criminal procedures
  •    State Responsibility for Past Torture Cases, etc.

 3. Fundamental Legal Safeguards

  •    The Suspect’s Right to Counsel
  •    Judicial Independence and Security of Tenure for Judges
  •    Warrantless Arrest (“Emergency Arrest”)
  •    Security Surveillance System

 4. National Security Act

 5. Detention of North Korean Escapees

 6. Independent Complaints Mechanism

 7. Child Justice

 8. Human Rights for the Detained

  •    Solitary Confinement
  •    Voting Rights of the Convicted persons
  •    Voting Rights of the Person Subject to Medical Treatment and Custody
  •    Absence of the Standard for the Adequate Temperature in Correctional Facilities
  •    The Prohibition of Mailing and Sending in Books to Inmates
  •    HIV-infected inmates
  •    LGBTI inmates

 9. Abolishment of Capital Punishment

10. Psychiatric Institution and Persons with Mental Disabilities

  •    Forced Hospitalization, Forced Treatment, Isolation, and Inhumane Treatment
  •    Medical Treatment and Custody

11. Rights of the Child

  •    Corporal Punishment
  •    Children Deprived of Liberty in Institutions
  •    Protection System for Children Victims of Abuses
  •    Extraterritorial Jurisdiction for Child Pornography Crimes
  •    Immigration Detention of Children

12. Abuses in the Military

  •    Arbitrary Detention
  •    Eradication of Violence in the Military
  •    Independence of Military Judicial Officers
  •    LGBTs in the Military
  •    Independent Military Ombudsman

13. Violence against Women, including Intimate Partner Violence and Sexual Violence

  •    Criminal Justice System for Intimate Partner Violence including Spousal Rape
  •    Abolition of the Judicial Treatment for Domestic Violence focusing on Maintenance and Restoration of Family

14. Violence against Migrant Workers

  •    Migrant Workers in Agriculture and Fisheries Sectors

15. Asylum-seekers and Migrants

  •    Immigration Detention and Violent Crackdown
  •    Forceful Return and Deportation of Refugee Applicants

16. National Human Rights Institution

17. Training for Public Officials

18. Redress for Victims of Torture and Ill-treatment

  •    Lack of Truth Investigation Agency
  •    State Compensation regarding the Victims’ Mental Damages
  •    Criminal Retrial Procedure including Delay of Trials
  •    Counseling and Psychotherapy for Victims of Illegal Exercise of State Power
  •    Japanese Military Sexual Slavery
  •    “Seongam Juvenile Reformatory”
  •    “Seosan Developing Group”
  •    “Brothers Home”
  •    “Samcheong Re-education Camp”
  •    Civilian Victims of Landmine
  •    Counseling and Psychotherapy for the Bereaved Families of Sewol Ferry Victims

19. Follow-up Procedures – National Action Plan

20. Other Issues

  •    Compensation by the police against participants of assembly and demonstration
  •    Human Trafficking of Migrant Women for Purposes of Sexual Exploitation
  •    Legal Recognition of Transgender Persons
  •    Intersex Persons


Report [See/Download]

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