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[Annual Report 2019] Making My Vote Matter in the National Assembly

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Making My Vote Matter in the National Assembly


80% of the National Assembly is made up of men ages 50 – 60 who have been former lawyers and bureaucrats. How can we change that into a more diverse reflection of our society? We believed that the mixed-member proportional representation system will make this possible by having the secured seats in the reflection of the voters’ support. 


PSPD has organized the Joint Action on Political Reform together with 570 NGOs across the country did many activities to call for and to raise the awareness on electoral system reform like the implementation of a parliamentary proportional system.


Working with the seven political parties, we worked hard to make sure there is no longer a reversal of electoral reforms while in the fast-track phase. Although the Liberal Korean Party retreated significantly from the agreement made by the four parties, PSPD has finally introduced the quasi mixed-member proportional representation system, which will partially reflect the support rates in the number of seats.


Additionally, there was an achievement of lowering the voting age to 18-year-old. This has to be the starting point of ensuring the right to political participation to more citizens. 


Main Activities


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