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[Annual Report 2019] We support Whistleblowers!

20191206_참여연대 의인상 시상식

We support Whistleblowers!


The activities to raise social awareness over public reports and to show support and coalition to those who are whistleblowing with courage and conscience against the lies and injustice has continued in 2019.


More than 30 public reporters, including teachers who reported corruption and colonels who unveiled unfair and abusive behaviors in the selection of fighter jets F-X for the next fighter jet project, were invited to the <2019 Public Informer’s Night> in order to show our thanks to their courage and work.


In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the <Award for Righteousness> 13 whistleblowers who had reported three cases including the power abuse and corruption in budget use in public institutions, sexual abuse in the workplace, and violation of code of conduct within the private companies and entities, were given awards.


About 300 letters by citizens who participated in the campaign <We support Whistleblowers!> were delivered to teachers who can no longer work after reporting the corruption and illegal acts by private schools. Through cloud funding <We support Whistleblowers!>, about 6,000 citizens had been funded  3.5 million won. This was an opportunity for citizens to show their support while directly turning in petitions against the relevant institutions to solve the problems faced by the whistleblowers. 



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