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[Annual Report 2019] Stop selling my Personal Information without Permission

Stop selling my Personal Information without Permission

Opposing Three New Personal Information Acts


As we can see by the fact it no longer makes it to the headlines, the society we live in became very passive and tolerant of the unauthorized usage and leakage of our personal information by the private sector. Regardless, the government has continued the effort to pass three legislations on personal information, including the Personal Information Protection Act, Credit Information Act, and Information and Communication Network Act, which reflects the demands by private companies for the fourth industrial revolution and innovative economy.


To stop the revision of three pieces of legislation on personal information, PSPD together with the relevant departments organized the ‘Information Human Rights Project Group’ to activate comprehensive and intensive activities in the National Assembly.


We raised the issues of the three pieces of legislation, which include leaving the door open to access and commercially abuse sensitive information such as personal credit records, and medical history, and limit the amount of saying an individual has in determining who can access this data.


Although the 20th National Assembly has passed the three legislations on personal information by giving up human rights on information, we will continue our activities to re-amend through constitutional petition and national campaigns. 


Main Activities

  • 06/09 [Relay Articles] Myth of Big Data, Is Personal Information for Everyone? (Six Articles in OhMyNews) 
  • 08/12 [Legislative Statement] Legislative Statement against the Amendment of Personal Information Protection Bill
  • 11/06 [Discussion] ‘Three Legislations on Data’ End Citizens being Excluded  from the Decision Making and Must be Publicized  

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