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[Annual Report 2019] Stop the Corruption in Private Kindergarten via Three Legislations

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Stop the Corruption in Private Kindergarten via Three Legislations 


In 2018, everyone was very angered by corruption in the private kindergarten industry. The reason why such corruption in kindergartens did not cease was due to a lack of the government’s responsibility in supervision and a lack of legal recognition of viewing kindergartens as a school, and thus as a public service.


PSPD spread the social consensus by building solidarity with parents, teachers, and citizens, and by submitting three pieces of legislation on Kindergarten to the National Assembly (The Infant Education Act, The Private School Act, and The School Meal Act) to end corruption in kindergartens and to strengthen public child education.


By running campaigns on public management to the National Assembly and the government, and by making complaints to the legislators, we contributed to the passing of all three pieces of legislation in January 2020. Although all three were passed a year after they were initially designated to be fast-tracked, they will become a basic framework of raising the transparency for kindergarten’s accounting, making information on corrupted kindergartens available to the public online, and limiting the establishment of unqualified kindergartens. 


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