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[Annual Report 2019] Mom, are we moving again? Activities to Protect Tenant’s Rights

주택임대차보호법개정연대 출범식

Mom, are we moving again?

Activities to Protect Tenant’s Rights


Nearly half of tenants across the country are experiencing instability in housing. Moon Jae-in’s administration has announced to progressively expand the registration of rental housing and the implementation of rent control and the right to prolong contracts. However, rental housing has been abused as a means of speculation as a result of excessive benefits, like financial support and tax avoidance. The National Assembly did not even make it to discussing the amendments of the legislation. PSPD has organized the <Solidarity for Housing Lease Protection Act Amendment> including tenants, citizens, and religious communities to voice their support for the amendment to the Housing Lease Protection Act. More activities like on- and off-line campaigns, public lectures, and media planning were held to raise awareness on the rights of tenants living in the registered rental housings. 


Activities to reduce the communication cost continued to 2019. In April 2019, the next generation of mobile communication, 5G, was commercialized for the first time in the world. Consumer complaints followed due to overpricing, lack of base stations, and jamming. PSPD has played a key role in having SK Telecom reconsider their highly-priced plans, which were initially starting from 70,000 won. By analyzing the terms and conditions of the accreditation process, requesting auditing, and registering dispute settlements together with 5G service users on the jamming issue, we spread the public awareness on the need to expand the public service of mobile communication. 


Main Activities


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