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Korea Peace Appeal Campaign X 2020 DMZ Forum

2020 DMZ 포럼


Korea Peace Appeal Campaign X 2020 DMZ Forum

18 Sep 2020 (Fri), AM 9:30 ~ PM 12:55 (Seoul Time)

Live @ Zoom + Youtube


Korea Peace Appeal: Peace Campaign to End the Korean War will hold Peace Movement Sessions at 2020 DMZ Forum (17-18 Sep). In these sessions, we will look into various issues relating to peace on the Korean Peninsula and identify solutions for future challenges. 


You can see the detailed program of each session from the below link. We invite you all to share your views and insights on building peace on the Korean Peninsula!



AM 09:30 – 10:40

  1. Women’s Participation in the Peace Process
  2. Peace and Safety of Residents in the North-South Border Region
  3. How can we end the endless Korean war?


AM 10:50 – 12:00

  1. U.S. Army Base and Residents’ Life
  2. Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone(NWFZ) and Disarmament of the Korean Peninsula
  3. Current Situation and Challenges of Inter-Korean Exchange and Cooperation


PM 12:10 –  12:55

Peace Movement Session Wrap-up 


DMZ forum material [See/Download


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