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[Statement] Strongest condemn of the massacre of civilians by the military of Myanmar

20210303_미얀마 군부 쿠데타 규탄 기자회견
20210303_미얀마 군부 쿠데타 규탄 기자회견

Strongest condemn of the massacre of civilians by the military of Myanmar : South Korea’s National Assembly and the government must take action as soon as possible, following the National Assembly resolution!

03 March 2021

It was ‘bloody Sunday.’ In anti-coup demonstrations, the military of Myanmar is massacring citizens with bullets. According to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) and the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (Burma), at least 18 people were killed, 30 injured, and about 1,000 arrested by Myanmar’s military and police on the 28 of February. According to local news in Myanmar, the number of deaths is likely to increase. The military and police have taken widespread measures to search for, arrest and detain citizens and activists who have led the protests and the people who have reported the protests on Social Network Services (SNS). Even reporters are being arrested, including foreign journalists. Some factories are firing workers who participated in the demonstrations and delivering personal information of union activists to the military. The military has stepped up its crackdown, massively arresting workers leading the protests, including a general strike.

Korean Civil Society Network Supporting Democracy in Myanmar firmly supports all Myanmar citizens fighting for democracy and human rights. We are enraged by the brutal Myanmar military, which does not hesitate to fire live ammunition at citizens.

On the 26 of February, the South Korean National Assembly passed a resolution – “Condemning the Myanmar military coup and calling for the recovery of democracy and the release of detainees.” The Resolution condemns, “the Myanmar military has again defeated the desire for democracy by force at a critical time, threatening the lives of the people, and trampling on the fruits of democracy that will be in full bloom after 50 years of adversity.”

The National Assembly resolution is significant as a confirmation of the legitimacy of the rise of citizens by clearly refuting the military’s justification of the coup over the ‘flawed election’ and its crackdown on pro-democracy figures and citizens. Furthermore, this Resolution means that the military, which suppresses the legitimate resistance of citizens by force and slaughters citizens who participated in the demonstration, must apology to the citizens and be judged and punished by citizens.

For the Resolution to be effective, immediate follow-up actions of the South Korean government are strongly required. It is imperative to clearly recognize that the business activities with Myanmar’s military and military-related companies have strengthened the military’s economic foundation, thus trampling on democracy and human rights today. The South Korean government must take every possible measure to identify the situation of South Korean companies that have been engaged in such business activities and to terminate their business relationships with the military and related companies. Furthermore, the South Korean government must devise all the necessary institutional arrangements to prevent Korean companies from infringing democracy and human rights in accordance with international standards. 

If the South Korean government connives at the connection between the Korean companies and Myanmar’s military killing civilians, the government is to confess the New Southern Policy (Sinnambang) towards Southeast Asia, including Myanmar, which embraces “People, Prosperity, and Peace” as its core principles, is nothing but vanity. Also, the government’s acquiescence is a betrayal of the earnest desire of Myanmar citizens who are asking for solidarity, remembering South Korea’s history of democratization. The citizens of Asia are watching South Korea. Instead of declaring human rights and democracy only in words, South Korea must play a substantial role.

The international community have already endorsed international laws for the values of life, safety, human rights, and democracy that all humankind should be universally guaranteed, and for the obligations of governments to cooperate to ensure those values. Massacre and atrocities committed against citizens can never be considered as a matter of national sovereignty. Myanmar’s military has crossed the line – their atrocious acts can never be justified on the grounds of interference in internal affairs.

As citizens of South Korea who have long fought for democracy with blood, and members of the international community who have felt the importance of cross-border solidarity at a harsh time, we will unite with Myanmar citizens’ legitimate struggle and urge all political parties and political leaders in South Korea to discuss this matter seriously and come up with countermeasures shortly.

  • Myanmar’s military must stop killing civilians and withdraw the coup immediately!
  • South Korea’s National Assembly and the government must start working on detailed follow-up measures for Myanmar’s democracy, including the issues of the investment of Korean companies connected to Myanmar’s military!

Endorsing organisations

1. cheongdong church.

2. Activists group for Human Rights ‘BARAM’

3. Advocates for Public Interest Law

4. Artivism Hanppyeom

5. Asian Companions Against Brutality (A.C.A.B)

6. Asian Dignity Initiative

7. Association for the bereaved families 4.3 victims

8. Atlanta SaSaSe



11. Bucheon Migrant Workers Support Center 

12. Bucheon YMCA

13. Buddhist Solidarity for Reform

14. Busan Anti-poverty Center

15. Busan Democratic Uprising Memorial Society

16. Busan Association of Self-Sufficiency Promotion Center

17. Busan National Council of Churches

18. Catholic Human Rights Committee


20. Center for Military Human Rights Korea

21. CHANG: Korea Human Rights Research Center


23. Chondogyo Youth Association

24. CHRF

25. Christian Association For Community Organizing 


27. Citizens Action Network

28. Citizen’s solidarity for social welfare of Seoul

29. Civilian Military Watch

30. College Student Committee of Seoul Democratic Party of Korea

31. Committee of The Poor Ministry, Seoul Archdiocese

32. Committee on Freedom of Expression and Press Repression

33. Commmitte of Justice, Peace, and Ecology of the Catholic Conference of Men Religious

34. Companion-Lawyers for Public Interest



37. Cultural Action

38. DaeJeung Church

39. Danginlee Church

40. Dasan Human Rights Center

41. Dasom Small Library

42. Democratic labor union of Jogye order of Korean Buddhism

43. Donghaeng Poongmool

44. DongHak Practice Civil Action(DPCA)

45. Donghak-Chondogyo Action Network For People


47. Ecumenian

48. Fellowship with the sufferers

49. Forum for democracy unification peace


51. Fracesco of sjpic

52. Franciscan Jpic 

53. Franciscana

54. Francisco JPIC

55. Freedom Dignity and Asia 

56. Friends of Asia 

57. Future Party

58. Gangjeong Peace Network 

59. Gangjeong’s friends 

60. Geumjunggul Humanrights & Peace Foundation

61. Gidok-Yominhoe


63. GmCCEJ


65. Good Wind Cooperative society

66. Goyang city labor union

67. Goyang YMCA


69. Green Party Goyang

70. Green Party Korea

71. Green Party Korea International Committee

72. Green Party Seoul

73. Greenparty Daegu

74. Greenview incheon segu get together

75. Group of Community Organizing Socail Workers “Deobul-eo hangil”

76. gwanak community radio

77. Gwanak Education Community MODU 

78. Gwanak residents’ gathering to support democracy in Myanmar

79. Gwanakwith

80. Gwangjin people’s solidarity

81. Gwang-Ju Human Rights Center Hwal JJak

82. Gwangju Migrant Labor Human Rights Network

83. Gwangju peace forum

84. Gwangmyeong education hope network

85. Gwangmyeong Education Solidarity

86. Gwangmyeong Women’s HotLine

87. GwangMyeong YMCA

88. H.S.M

89. hanbit church

90. Homeless Action

91. Hope Center with Migrant Workers

92. Human right film festival in Seoul

93. Human Rights Center of the National Council of Churches in Korea 

94. Human Rights Education Center ‘Deul’

95. Human Rights Movement Space ‘Hwal’

96. Imagination For International Solidarity

97. Incheon Democracy Foundation

98. Incheon YMCA

99. Incorporated Organization Silcheon Bulgyo

100. Institute for Human Rights Cities

101. Institute for Law and Human Rights in Society

102. Institute of Historical Culture, Dongjak

103. International Migrants Cultural Institute

104. Jeju 4.3 Research Institute


106. Jeju Peace Human Rights Institute WHAT

107. Jejudarktours

108. Jeonbuk Human Rights Mission Council


110. Jeonnam Citizens’ Association

111. Jesuit Research Center for Advocacy and Solidarity

112. Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism The Social Affairs and Labor Relations Commission

113. Joomin Church of the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea

114. JPIC

115. June Democratic forum

116. Jungrangu gongdong-youk-a 

117. Justice Party’s Working Group for International Solidarity

118. KBUF Alumni Association

119. KCAO

120. KCM


122. KIN

123. KOCO

124. Korea Christian Action Organization

125. Korea Christian Democracy Foundation 

126. Korea Democracy Foundation


128. Korea people’s solidarity against poverty

129. Korean Social Innovator network

130. Korean Association for Asian Rural Mission

131. Korean Disability Forum

132. Korean House for International Solidarity

133. Korean Methodist Women’s Leadership Institute

134. Korean Solidarity against precarious Work

135. Korean Solidarity for Overseas Community Organization in Asia

136. KOYANG Education Hope Network 

137. Koyang. Kfem


139. KwangHwaMoon TV

140. Kyungdong Presbyterian Church

141. Life & Safety Network

142. Little Difference



145. Manduparty

146. Manyoupowerpeople

147. Mapo Young People mmm

148. May Democratic Women‘s Association

149. uijeongbu ymca

150. Media Christian Solidarity

151. Memorial Committee for the Jeju April 3rd Uprising and Massacre

152. Migrants trade union (MTU)

153. Migration to Asia Peace

154. MINBYUN Lawyers for a Democratic Society International Solidarity Committee

155. Minjok Bucheon

156. Minjokgopa

157. Mojiri

158. MYABIZ 


160. Namu counseling center for women’s right

161. Nangok Community Library

162. National Action Against Dictator CHUN Doo-Hwan

163. National Clergy Conference for Justice and Peace 

164. National Council of YMCAs of Korea

165. National Parents’ Association for the Realization of Equal Education

166. National Teacher’s Union Middle & High school Branch in Goyang

167. NCCK Human Rights Center 

168. New Bodhisattva Network

169. Nowon Community to create a village where we live together

170. Nowoncityagric


172. OFS Korea

173. OFS Korea JPIC 

174. Okbaraji Missionary Center


176. Organization of Gwan-ak Community Welfare

177. Palestine Peace and Solidarity in South Korea

178. Pax Christi Korea

179. Peace and Unification YMCA People for Association

180. Peace Ground

181. Peace K.S.

182. Peace Mothers


184. People, Not Profit

185, People’s Initiatives for Development Alternatives 

186, People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy (PSPD)

187. People’s Solidarity of Gwanak

188. Platform.c

189. preparatory committee for youth of Kim Dae-jung foundation

199. Progressive Korea

200. Progressive3.0

201. PROK

202. Puchoncivil

203. Refugee Rights Center,NANCEN

204. SanDol

205. Sangsangzirak artfactory

206. SARANGBANG Group for Human Rights 


208. Seoul Association of Social Workers


210. Shalom Community Church

211. SHARE, center for Sexual rigHts And Reproductive justicE

212. SHARPs (Supporters for the Health And Rights of People in the Semiconductor industry)

213. Siheung YMCA

214. Social Cooperation Union Jubeele

215. Social welfare corporation bokumjari

216. Solidarity Against Disability Discrimination

217. Solidarity for Another World 

218. Solidarity for LGBT Human Rights of Korea

219. Solidarity for peace & humanrights

220. Solidarity of Labor and right to the city(nodong-dosi-yeondae)

221. Sumdol Presbyterian Church

222. Sunchoen YMCA

223. Sungmisanschool post-secondary

224. Sungsan central church

225. Supporters group for migrant workers movement




229. The Frontiers

230. The Human Rights Forum of Persons With Disabilities in Gyeonggi

231. The Jeju People’s Artist Federation 

232. The Korea Center for City and Environment Research (KOCER) 

233. The Korean Council for Justice and Remembrance for the Issues of Military Sexual Slavery by Japan (Korean Council) 

234. The Korean Methodist Rural Mission Training Center

235. The Lay Buddhist Association for Righteousness

236. The People’s Solidarity for Korea Youth Policy

237. The Presbyterian Church in the Repubric of Korea, Yeshim church

238. The Social Apostolate Committee, Korea Province of the Society of Jesus

239. The Truth Foundation

240. Transparency International-Korea, Gwang Jeonnam Headquarters

241. Truth-finding Commission on Yongsan Disaster 

242. Urinuri Peace Corp.

243. Won Buddhism Social Movement Network

244. Workfare Sharing Center

245. World Without War



248. Young Korean Academy

249. YouthDiscourse

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