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Documentary Film : Border Islands in South Korea

Documentary Film : The Road from Armistice to Peace

Border Islands in South Korea

This film is one of documentary series created by the Korea Peace Appeal campaign, which look into impacts on people’s lives by the nearly seven-decade armistice state of the Korean War.

Kyodong island in South Korea is only 2.6 km far from North Korea. The island is within the Civilian Control Zone restricted to civilians for military purposes.

We visited islands of Gyodong and Ganghwa and heard people’s stories. Villagers in those islands have different stories compared with those in the mainland divided the Military Demarcation Line and Demilitarized Zone.

A villager in Ganghwa Island said “The armistice-state of the Korean war has reinfored division and changed the island risky for decades.” Villagers want to make the islands peaceful places to play as a peace-zone promoting exchanges and cooperation on the peninsula.

  • Film Crew : Meejee Shin, Sooyoung Hwang, Seolhae Kim, Jongmin Jeong
  • English Translation : Hong Ji Young (Translation Cooperative)
  • English Proofreading : Kaia Vereide
  • This film was produced with the support of the April 9 Unification & Peace Foundation and the Korean Democracy Foundation.

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