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PSPD English Newsletter, May 2022

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May 2022


Say NO to Weakening Tenant Protection Laws!

Tenants’ concerns continue to grow as the Presidential Transition Committee announces to repeal and/or weaken tenant protection laws and to vitalize registered rental businesses and private registered rental housing. 

PSPD, hearing the concerns of tenants, denounces the incoming administration and the People Power Party for disregarding the issue of housing insecurity among tenants. In addition, PSPD demands the passage of legislation protecting the housing rights of tenants, which have been overlooked at the National Assembly. On April 19, we hosted a debate and discussed the potential problems of repealing and/or weakening said tenant protection laws. 


President-elect Yoon Suk-yeol goes back on his promise to introduce a delivery unit price indexation system

President-elect Yoon Suk-yeol has revealed to scrap his election promise to introduce a delivery unit price indexation system, his only election promise pertaining to the issue of coexistence between large businesses and small and medium-sized businesses. Instead of legislating a delivery unit price indexation system, the Presidential Transition Committee has announced to provide model contracts in order for businesses to freely apply raw material costs to the delivery unit price. PSPD has pointed out that in an environment already in favor of large businesses, ‘business freedom’ is nothing but an empty saying, and has further demanded the introduction of a delivery unit price indexation system and reforming the delivery unit payment adjustment law. 


* What is a delivery unit price indexation system? Under this system, if the raw material cost changes during the contract period between a principal contractor and a subcontractor, this change is automatically reflected in the delivery unit payment.


The Presidential Office is an official workspace. Freedom of Assembly must be upheld. 

Since President-elect Yoon Suk-yeol announced his plans to move the Presidential Office to Yongsan, the police, interpreting the “Presidential Residence” in clause 11 of the Assembly and Demonstration Act to include the Office, has prompted controversies by introducing rules which would ban rallies within 100 meters of the Office. PSPD has urged to distinguish between the Residence, where the President and the First Family live, and the Office, the President’s official workspace, and to further protect citizens’ freedom of expression. 


Towards building a country with an Anti-discrimination Law

In front of the National Assembly, two human rights defenders have been on a hunger strike since April 11. Their goal is to create ‘a world without discrimination.’ In today’s political climate where discrimination, hate, and instigation are rampant, and where protests in advocacy of mobility rights for the disabled are censured as ‘uncivilized,’ an anti-discrimination law (equality law) is what will ensure human rights and dignity in our society. Together with the South Korean Coalition for Anti-discrimination Legislation, we will devote all our energy in the struggle to legislate an anti-discrimination law before the end of April. 


Stop Building Up Military Spending and Give Peace a Chance

On April 25, in honor of the 2022 Global Day of Action on Military Spending, voices urging to stop building up military spending and to pursue peace could be heard across the globe. Using Russia’s recent invasion of Ukraine as justification, the United States and various European countries have raised their military spending. However, this is not the way to ensure peace and security. The same applies to ensuring peace on the Korean Peninsula. PSPD and 39 other civil society organizations demanded that the incoming administration significantly reduce military spending and instead use it to tackle climate change and social inequalities. 



Translated by a PSPD Volunteer


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