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Open Letter to ADMM Dialogue Partner : Boycott ASEAN’s Counter-Terrorism meeting


Open Letter to ADMM Dialogue Partner


Ministry of National Defense

22, Itaewon-ro, Yongsan-gu

Seoul 0438

Republic of Korea


To: H.E. Jong-Sup Lee, Minister of National Defense, Republic of Korea

Re: Participation in the ASEAN Defense Ministers’ Meeting-Plus Experts’ Working Group on Counter Terrorism


14 July 2022


Your Excellency,


We, the undersigned 488 organizations from throughout Myanmar and the world appeal to you, as a representative of the Government of the Republic of Korea and the minister responsible for Korea’s defense engagement with ASEAN, to boycott the ASEAN Defence Ministers’ Meeting-Plus Experts’ Working Group (ADMM-Plus EWG) on Counter Terrorism, co-chaired by the Myanmar and Russian militaries. We welcome the decisions of Australia and New Zealand to not participate in the upcoming meeting scheduled for 20 – 21 July in Moscow, Russia. We welcome your government’s previous decisions to suspend all defense exchanges with the Myanmar military and ban arms exports to Myanmar, as well as the joint effort to call on other countries to halt the supply of arms to the Myanmar junta. We further request that your immediate decision is consistent with past commitments by boycotting the ADMM-Plus EWG on Counter Terrorism.


The Myanmar military has long committed international crimes under the pretext of “counter-terrorism”. The most egregious case was the Myanmar military’s 2017 genocide against the Rohingya, which, according to the UN Independent International Fact-Finding Mission on Myanmar, involved the launch of “clearance operations” that were supposedly aimed at the “elimination” of the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army. In reality, it involved the murder, massacre, torture, rape, and gang rape of Rohingya, forcing over 700,000 to flee to Bangladesh under the guise of counter-terrorism. 


The military’s abuse of anti-terrorism law and practices continued after its illegal coup attempt. One strategy of the junta has been to attack democratic institutions and justify ongoing atrocities by designating the National Unity Government (NUG), Committee Representing Pyidaungsu Hluttaw (CRPH), and Peoples Defence Forces (PDFs) as “terrorists”. In 2021, the Myanmar military used its co-chair position of the ADMM Experts’ Working Group to legitimize its illegal junta and to seek support for its terrorism designations against the NUG, CRPH, and PDFs. Its leadership of the group was also used as fodder for domestic propaganda, with photos and details of the meetings featured prominently in military-controlled media targeting a domestic audience.


Meanwhile, in June 2022, the military junta announced a planned execution of four men, including two respected democracy activists, for ungrounded allegations of terrorism — rejecting a plea made by ASEAN Chair Prime Minister Hun Sen. Such actions demonstrate the junta’s total disrespect of and unwillingness to implement ASEAN’s Five-Point Consensus, which demands an immediate cessation of violence and a dialogue among all parties concerned. The junta’s ongoing operations against civilians — including torture, indiscriminate attacks, airstrikes, artillery shelling, burning of villages, and looting — are increasingly deploying new tactics of terror to commit widespread and systematic crimes throughout the country. This is exemplified by the junta soldiers’ acts of beheading and desecrating unarmed civilians in Sagaing Region. These acts clearly constitute terror under international and national law. A body responsible for such terror and gross atrocities is devoid of legitimacy and is in no position to lead or participate in the ADMM-Plus EWG on Counter Terrorism. 


The Working Group’s other co-chair, Russia, is similarly in no position to lead or participate in ASEAN counter-terrorism cooperation. Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine must be condemned as an attack on democracy and a violation of international law and norms. Since its invasion, Ukraine has documented 15,000 suspected war crimes as of 31 May, and the situation in Ukraine has been referred to the International Criminal Court by 43 State Parties. The Ukrainian government has estimated that “at least tens of thousands” of Ukrainian civilians were killed in the first 100 days of Russia’s invasion. Since 24 February, at least one-third of Ukrainians have been forcibly displaced. Your government’s announcement to tighten export controls of strategic items and block Russian banks from international payment systems must be in line with your approach to the Myanmar military junta.


Engagement with ADMM-Plus EWG on Counter Terrorism only emboldens the Myanmar junta and Russia to continue committing international crimes. ASEAN Defence Ministers and ASEAN-Plus Defence Ministers must take the principled step and refuse to attend the upcoming ADMM-Plus EWG on Counter Terrorism. To allow the Myanmar junta and Russia to engage in the ADMM-Plus EWG on Counter Terrorism is antithetical to the aims of the meeting and will severely damage the reputation of the ADMM-Plus EWG and ASEAN. We call on you to boycott the upcoming ADMM-Plus EWG on Counter Terrorism and take further actions to exclude the Myanmar junta and Russia from other ADMM meetings in solidarity with the peoples of Myanmar and Ukraine.

Signed by

1. 8888 Generation (New Zealand)

2. Action Committee for Democracy Development

3. Action Committee of Basic Education Students (ACBES)

4. Active Youth (Kalay)

5. Activists Group for Human Rights ‘BARAM’

6. Ah Nah Podcast- conversation with Myanmar

7. All Arakan Students’ and Youths’ Congress

8. All Aung Myay Thar San Education Strike

9. All Burma Democratic Face in New Zealand

10. All Burma Federation of Student Unions (Monywa District)

11. All Sagaing Township Basic Education Students’ Union

12. All Schools of Aungmyaythazan Township Strike

13. Alliance of Students’ Union – Yangon (ASU-Yangon)

14. Alliance Organization Myanmar Bankers Union

15. ALTSEAN-Burma

16. Anti Dictatorship in Burma – DC Metropolitan Area (ADB-DCMA)

17. Anti-Junta Alliance Yangon-AJAY

18. Anti-Junta Forces Coordination Committee (AFCC)

19. Arakan CSO Network

20. Arakan Humanitarian Coordination Team- AHCT

21. Asia Democracy Network (ADN)

22. Asia Pacific Solidarity Coalition (APSOC)

23. Asian Dignity Initiative

24. Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development (FORUM-ASIA)

25. Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP)

26. Association of Human Rights Defenders and Promoters

27. Association of United Nationality in Japan (AUN)

28. Association Suisse-Birmanie (Swiss Burma Association)

29. Athan – Freedom of Expression Activist Organization

30. Auckland Kachin Community NZ

31. Auckland Zomi Community

32. Aung Myay Tharzan Basic Education Students’ Union-ABFSU

33. Aung Pin Lal Main Strike

34. Ayeyarwaddy Youths’ Union

35. Bago Basic Education Students’ Union

36. Bank Trade Unions Federation of Myanmar – BTUFM

37. Basic Education General Strike Committee (BEGSC)

38. Basic Education Worker Unions – Steering Committee (BEWU-SC)

39. BEHS-1, Hpa-An Basic Education Students’ Union

40. BEHS-1, Mandalay Basic Education Students’ Union-ABFSU

41. BEHS-11, Aungmyethazan Basic Education Students’ Union-ABFSU

42. BEHS-24, Mahaaungmyay Basic Education Students’ Union-ABFSU

43. BEHS-4, Mand

alay Basic Education Students’ Union-ABFSU

44. BEHS-8, Aungmyethazan Basic Education Students’ Union-ABFSU

45. Blood Money Campaign

46. Burma Action Ireland

47. Burma Campaign UK

48. Burma Refugee Saving Association (B.R.S.A)

49. Burman suomalaiset Finland

50. Burmese Canadian Network

51. Burmese Community Group (Manawatu, NZ)

52. Burmese Community in France

53. Burmese Rohingya Welfare Organisation New Zealand

54. Cambodian Americans and Friends for Democracy and Human Rights Advocate

55. CDM Medical Network (CDMMN)

56. CDM Support Team Mandalay

57. Chanayetharsan Basic Education Students’ Union

58. Changjak21

59. Chanmyatharzi Township People’s Strike

60. Chin Community of Auckland

61. Chin Community of Japan (CCJ)

62. Chin Human Rights Organization

63. Chin Youth Organization (Matupi)

64. Chin Youth Organization of Japan (CYO-JP)

65. Chindwin (West) Villages Women Strike

66. Citizen of Burma Award – New Zealand

67. CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation

68. Civil Information Network (CIN)

69. Civil Society Organizations Coordination Committee (Monywa)

70. Coalition of Mandalay Engineers

71. Coalition Strike Committee – Dawei

72. Colorfulspring (ရ ောင်စ ုံရ ွေဥ ီး)

73. Community Resource Center, Thailand

74. Co-operative University Mandalay Students’ Strike

75. CRPH & NUG Supporters Ireland

76. CRPH Funding Ireland

77. CRPH Support Group, Norway

78. CRPH, NUG Support Team Germany-Deutschland

79. Daik-U Basic Education Students’ Union

80. Daung Sitthe Strike

81. Dawei (Ashaetaw) Women Strike

82. Dawei Basic Education Students’ Union

83. Dawei Youths in Japan (DYJ)

84. Dawei Youths Revolutionary Movement Strike Committee

85. Democracy for Ethnic Minorities Organization

86. Democracy for Myanmar – Working Group (NZ)

87. Democracy Movement Strike Committee-Dawei (DDMSC)

88. Democracy, Peace and Women’s Organization

89. Democratic Youth Council

90. Demoso Basic Education Students’ Union

91. Depayin Township Revolution Steering Committee

92. Depayin Women Strike

93. Doh Atu – Ensemble pour le Myanmar

94. Dragon Dawn (Japan)

95. Education Family Strike

96. Educational Initiatives Prague

97. Equality Myanmar

98. Ethnic Youth General Strike Committee (Mandalay)

99. European Karen Network

100. Family Private School Basic Education Students’ Union-ABFSU

101. Federal Myanmar Benevolence Group (NZ)

102. Federation of Worker’s Union of Burmese Citizens in Japan (FWUBC)

103. Former Political Prisoners and New Generation Group – Monywa

104. Foundation of Khmer Samaki, CA

105. Free Burma Campaign (South Africa)

106. Free Rohingya Coalition

107. Future Thanlwin

108. Gangaw Women Strike

109. General Strike Collaboration Committee (GSCC)

110. General Strike Committee of Basic and Higher Education (GSCBHE)

111. General Strike Coordination Body – GSCB

112. Generation Wave

113. GenY For Revolution Japan

114. German Solidarity with Myanmar Democracy e.V.

115. Global Movement for Myanmar Democracy (GM4MD)

116. Global Myanmar Spring Revolution – Japan

117. Global Myanmar Spring Revolution (South Korea)

118. Golden Heart Organization

119. Grass-root People

120. Hinthada Basic Education Students’ Union-ABFSU

121. Hlaing Thar Yar Basic Education Students’ Union

122. Hope For Youth -Kyushu Japan

123. Hopin Basic Education Students’ Union

124. HTY Scout Channel

125. Human Rights Foundation of Monland

126. In Defense of Human Rights and Dignity Movement (iDEFEND), Philippines

127. Incorporated Organization Shilcheon Bulgyo

128. India for Myanmar

129. Industries Strike

130. Info Birmanie

131. Information & Scout News (Hlaing)

132. Initiatives for International Dialogue (IID)

133. Insein Scout Channel

134. Institute for Asian Democracy

135. Inter-Faith Strike Column

136. Interfaith Youth Coalition on Aids in Myanmar (IYCA – Myanmar )

137. International Association, Myanmar- Switzerland

138. International Child Rights Center

139. International Society of Myanmar Scholars and Professionals (Japan)

140. Japan Myanmar Future Creative Association (JMFCA)

141. Japan Myanmar Help Network

142. Justice For Myanmar

143. Justice Movement for Community – Innlay

144. Kachin Affairs Organization – Japan

145. Kachin State Women Network

146. Kachin Student Union

147. Kachin Women Union

148. Kachin Women’s Association Thailand

149. Kalay Township Strike Force

150. Kalay Women Strike

151. Kalyarna Metta Association (Khin U)

152. Kamayut Scout Channel

153. Kanbung Youth (Matupi)

154. Kanpetlet Land Development Organization

155. Kansai Group Japan

156. Karen Human Rights Group

157. Karen National League Japan-KNL

158. Karen Swedish Community (KSC)

159. Karen Women’s Organization

160. Karen Rivers Network

161. Karenni National Society (KNS) Japan

162. Karenni National Women’s Organization

163. Karenni Society Finland

164. Karenni Society New Zealand

165. Katha Basic Education Students’ Union

166. Kayan Internally Displacement Supervising Committee (KIDSC)

167. Keng Tung Youth

168. Khanthar Farmers Network

169. Khumzup Local Development Committee

170. Kings N Queens

171. Know Us More Myanmar (KUM)

172. Kobe Myanmar Community (KMC)

173. Korea Christian Solidarity for Democracy in Myanmar

174. Korean Civil Society in Support of Democracy in Myanmar (106 NGOs)

175. Korean House for International Solidarity

176. Kyaikhto Basic Education Students’ Union – KBESU

177. Kyain Seikgyi Spring Revolution Leading Committee

178. Kyaukse Basic Education Students’ Union

179. Kyaukse University Interim Administrative Council

180. Kyauktada Strike Committee (KSC)

181. Kyause University Students’ Union

182. Kyimyindaing Scout Channel

183. La Communauté Birmane de France

184. Labor Union Federation

185. Labutta Basic Education Students’ Union-ABFSU

186. Langkho Basic Education Students’ Union

187. Lanmadaw, Latha & Pabedan Scout Channel

188. Lashio Basic Education Students’ Union

189. Latpadaung Region Strike Committee

190. Launglon Basic Education Students’ Union

191. League For Democracy in Burma (L.D.B Japan)

192. Let’s Help Each Other

193. Letpadan Basic Education Students’ Union-ABFSU

194. LGBT Alliance Myanmar

195. LGBT Alliance Myanmar (Kalay Region)

196. LGBT Alliance Myanmar (Kyaukse Region)

197. LGBT Community Yangon

198. LGBT Union Mandalay (LGBTIQ Strike of Mandalay)

199. Magway People’s Revolution Committee

200. Maharaungmyay Township People’s Strike

201. Mandalar College Students Strike

202. Mandalar University Students’ Strike

203. Mandalar University Students Union

204. Mandalay Alliance Coalition Strike

205. Mandalay Civil Society Organization

206. Mandalay Engineer Group (MEG)

207. Mandalay Medical Family (MFM)

208. Mandalay People Strike

209. Mandalay Poets’ Union

210. Mandalay Private Universities Students Union

211. Mandalay Regional Youth Association

212. Mandalay Strike Force (MSF)

213. Mandalay Technology University (MTU) Students Union

214. Mandalay Universities, Degree and College Teachers and Staffs Strike

215. Mandalay University Alumni Strike

216. Mandalay University of Foreign Languages Students Union

217. Mandalay Wholesale Centers Strike

218. Mandalay Women Strike

219. Mandalay Youth Strike

220. Mandalay-based People’s Strike

221. Mandalay-Based University Students’ Unions

222. Matu Forum Committee

223. Matu Women Association

224. Mawkmai Basic Education Students’ Union

225. Mawlamyine Basic Education Students’ Union

226. Mayangone News

227. Me Boun Foundation

228. Medical Family Mandalay (MFM)

229. Meikhtila Basic Education Students’ Union-ABFSU

230. Metta Campaign Mandalay

231. Midwifery Training School Students Union (Mandalay)

232. MilkTeaAlliance friends of Myanmar

233. Minbu Basic Education Students’ Union-ABFSU

234. Mindanao Peacebuilding Institute Foundation, Inc.

235. Minority Affairs Institute – Mai (Myanmar)

236. Mogaung Basic Education Students’ Union

237. Mohnyin Basic Education Students’ Union

238. Mon Youth For Federal Democracy (MYFD)

239. Monywa Basic Education Students’ Union – ABFSU

240. Monywa LGBT Strike

241. Monywa People’s Strike Steering Committee

242. Monywa Women Strike

243. Monywa-Amyint Road Strike Leading Committee

244. Monywa-Amyint Road Women Strike

245. MRJ (Maraja)

246. Mudon Basic Education Students’ Union

247. Multi-Religions Strike

248. Muslim Youth Network

249. Muslim Youths Association

250. Mya Taung Strike

251. Myanmar Accountability Project

252. Myanmar Active Students & Businesspeople Organization (MASBO)

253. Myanmar Democratic Force in Denmark

254. Myanmar Development Support Group (MDSG)

255. Myanmar Diaspora Group Finland

256. Myanmar Emergency Fund Canada (MEF Canada)

257. Myanmar Engineers – New Zealand

258. Myanmar Ethnic Rohingya Human Rights Organization Malaysia (MERHROM)

259. Myanmar Gonye (New Zealand)

260. Myanmar Institute of Information and Technology (Mandalay) Students Union

261. Myanmar Institute of Information Technology Students’ Strike

262. Myanmar Labor Alliance (MLA)

263. Myanmar Nationalities’ Support Organization – JP (MNSO)

264. Myanmar People Alliance (Shan State)

265. Myanmar Railway Division (3) CDM Staffs Strike

266. Myanmar Secret Information – MSI

267. Myanmar Spring Revolution Japan (MSRJ)

268. Myanmar Students’ Union in New Zealand

269. Myanmar Tozan Club (MTC)

270. Myanmar Youth and Student Association, Japan (MYSA)

271. Myanmar’s Youth Association Hokkaido (MYAH)

272. Myingyan Civilian Movement Committee

273. National University of Arts and Culture (Mandalay) Students Union

274. Netherlands – Myanmar Solidarity Platform

275. Network of University Student Unions – Monywa

276. New Zealand Doctors for NUG

277. New Zealand Karen Association

278. New Zealand Zo Community Inc.

279. No (12) Basic Education Middle School Student Union

280. No (7) Basic Education High School Alumni Strike

281. No.12 Basic Education Branch High School (Maharaungmyay) Students’ Union

282. No.12 Basic Education Middle School (High Branch) Basic Education Students’ Union

283. NOK Information & Scout Echo

284. North Dagon & East Dagon News

285. Northern Spectrum Youth Association

286. Nursing Training School Students Union (Mandalay)

287. Nyaunglebin Basic Education Students’ Union

288. OCTOPUS Youth Organization

289. Okinawa Myanmar Association (OMA)

290. Olive Organization

291. Open Development Foundation

292. Overseas Mon Association (New Zealand)

293. Padaung Basic Education Students’ Union-ABFSU

294. Palaung National Society Japan, PNS-Japan

295. Palaw Supporting Group Japan

296. Pale Township People’s Strike Steering Committee

297. Pa-O Women’s Union (PWU)

298. PEC Private School Basic Education Students’ Union

299. People’s Hope Spring Revolution (PHSR)

300. People’s Initiative for Development Alternatives

301. People’s Action Against Dictator CHUN Doo-Hwan

302. People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy (PSPD)

303. Phayagyi Peace Strike

304. Platform.c

305. Private pre school Teachers’ Association

306. Progressive 3.0

307. Progressive Voice

308. Punnyakari Mon National Society Japan, PMNS-Japan

309. Pyay Basic Education Students’ Union-ABFSU

310. Pyay Underground News – PUGN

311. Pyigyidagon Strike

312. Pyin Nyar Nan Daw Private School Basic Education Students’ Union

313. Pyin Oo Lwin Basic Education Students’ Union

314. Pyinmana Basic Education Students’ Union-ABFSU

315. Pyithu Gonye (New Zealand)

316. Representative Committee of University Teacher Associations (RC of UTAs)

317. Representing The Arrested People Strike

318. Revolution Tokyo Myanmar (RTM)

319. Rohingya Action Ireland

320. Rvwang Community Association New Zealand

321. Samgha Sammaga-Mandalay

322. Sangha Union Strike

323. Save and Care Organization for Women at Border Areas


325. Save Myanmar Fundraising Group (New Zealand)

326. Save the Salween Network

327. Sein Pan Strike

328. Shan Community (New Zealand)

329. Shan Community in Japan (SCJ)

330. Shan MATA

331. Shan Women Development Network

332. ShizuYouth For Myanmar

333. Shwechinthae Farmers Network

334. Sintgaing Basic Education Students’ Union

335. Sisters 2 Sisters

336. Sitt Nyein Pann Foundation

337. Solidarity for Another World

338. Sone See Yar (Volunteer Group)

339. South Dagon Scouting Info (SDG)

340. Southern Youth Development

341. Spring Revolution Interfaith Network-SRIN

342. Spring Revolution Myanmar Muslim- SRMMN

343. Spring Revolution Restaurant

344. Stiftung Asienhaus

345. Students for Free Burma

346. Support Group for Democracy in Myanmar (The Netherlands)

347. Ta’ang Women’s Organization

348. Taekwondo Federation

349. Tai Youths Network Japan (TYNJ)

350. Tampawadi People Strike

351. Tamwe Nway Oo Channel

352. Tanintharyi MATA

353. Taunggyi Basic Education Students’ Union

354. Taze Women Strike

355. Technological University (Yadanabon Cyber City) Students Union

356. Technological University Mandalay (TUM) Students Union

357. Tha Pyay Nyo Newsletter

358. Thaketa & Dawbon Scout Channel

359. Thakhin Kodaw Mhine Peace Network (Monywa)

360. Thaton Basic Education Students’ Union

361. Thayat Chaung Women Strike

362. The 88 Generation Peace and Open Society (Monywa)

363. The Center for Freedom of Information

364. The May 18 Memorial Foundation

365. Thint Myat Lo Thu Myar Organization

366. Township Leading Group (Winwmaw)

367. Try Together At Japan (TTAJ)

368. Twitter Team for Revolution (TTFR) – Myanmar

369. U.S. Campaign for Burma

370. Uakthon Local Social Development Organization

371. Union of Myanmar Citizen Association – Japan

372. University of Computer (Mandalay) Students Union

373. University of Dental Medicine (Mandalay) Students Union

374. University of Medical Technology (Mandalay) Students Union

375. University of Medicine (Mandalay) Students Union

376. University of Nursing (Mandalay) Students Union

377. University of Pharmacy (Mandalay) Students Union

378. University of Traditional Medicine (Mandalay) Students Union

379. University Students’ Unions Alumni Force

380. US Advocacy Coalition for Myanmar (USACM)

381. VEC Private School Basic Education Students’ Union

382. Voice For Justice

383. We Are One Saga MOSA

384. We for All

385. We Love Motherland-MM (Malaysia)

386. We Support (Japan)

387. Wetlet Basic Education Students’ Union-ABFSU

388. Wetlet Revolution Leading Committee

389. Wetlet Township Women Strike

390. White Coat Society Yangon (WCSY)

391. Winemaw Civil Society Network

392. Winemaw Lisu Development Association

393. Women Alliance Burma (WAB)

394. Women’s League of Burma

395. Wundwin Basic Education Students’ Union-ABFSU

396. Yadanabon University Students’ Union (YDNBUSU)

397. Yangon Medical network

398. Yangon Revolution Force – YRF (Soft Strike Community)

399. Yangon Women Strike

400. Yaw Funding Japan

401. Yedashe Basic Education Students’ Union-ABFSU

402. YG Network

403. Yinmarpin and Salingyi All Villages Strike Committee

404. Yokohama Pamphlet Campaign – Myanmar

405. Youth Network (Tanintharyi Region)

406. Youth Poets’ Union

407. Youth Scout For Democracy (YSD)

408. Z Fighter News

409. Zabuthiri Basic Education Students’ Union-ABFSU

410. Zeegwat News

411. ဂျပန်ပပည်မှတွေွဲလက်မျောီး

412. မျ  ီးဆက်-Generations

413. လူငယ်မျောီးသမဂဂ – ပုံသ မ်

414. လူငယ်မျောီးသမဂဂ – ဗဟ ုံ

415. 一般社団法人 ミャンマーグローバル支援財団 (MGSF)


* 33 Myanmar civil society organizations that have chosen not to disclose their names. 

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