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PSPD’s Significant Activities In 2022

In the midst of the ongoing pandemic, when disasters became part of our daily lives, we witnessed the first year of the Yoon administration. We’ve lost many loved ones going through the record-breaking downpour in the summer, and then the 10.29 Itaewon Disaster. The government only made initiatives only after an accident broke out, and displayed irresponsible attitudes and unrealistic measures. Thus, people’s resolution to “participate and stand in solidarity” shone brighter than ever. The following are the changes made in 2022 by People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy and the People.

The Changes We Made With People in 2022!

Prior to the presidential election, we suggested a set of policy agendas to solve inequality and strengthen national responsibility. We also evaluated the election pledges of each candidate. Since the launch of the new government, we have evaluated state affairs and presidential designation and appointments and acted against unqualified ministerial candidates.

We escalated the platform companies’ unfairness issues. As a result, seven open markets, including Coupang and Naver, and three delivery apps, including Coupang Eats and Baedal Minjok, have made corrective measures for unfair terms and conditions.

공직선거법 위헌 결정 이후 개정 방향 토론회에 참가한 참가자들의 모습

After relentless activities for voters’ freedom of expression, we pushed for the decision of constitutional nonconformity within poisonous clause 93 and others on the Public Official Election Act.

We launched the “People’s Solidarity for Ensuring Public Care and Realizing the Right to Care” and publicized three major demands, which help guarantee the Right of Care as a basic human right and make society – rather than individuals – responsible for caring.

We stood in solidarity calling on the government to enact an Anti-Discrimination Act for the dignity and equality of all human beings. Also, we are working together with the international community for democracy in Myanmar and peace in Ukraine.

We published a prosecution report during Moon’s presidency and suggested a legislative alternative: to separate investigation and prosecution. We are trying to prevent the Yoon administration from expanding the prosecution’s authority (the so-called enforcement ordinance ruling).

We met more than a thousand people gathering in front of the DMZ, a symbol of division and confrontation, and wished for peace by hosting the Peace Festival to End the Korean War. We won the Hankyoreh Unification Culture Award.

We have jointly blocked the Yoon administration’s attempt to abolish the mandatory closure of large discount stores and drawn a Fair Trade Commission Investigation into BHC’s alleged forced sale of ready-made fried oil.

We helped obtain a suspension of the notice of prohibition of assembly in front of the President’s Office. In addition, we helped draw a constitutional nonconformity decision that banned assembly within 100 meters of the president’s residence.

We ran AsiaPod, the only Asian podcast in Korea for five years, and completed season 1 with 100 episodes.

<Monthly PSPD> has been promoting major societal issues and civic movements in Korea since 1995, and the 300th volume was released.

We joined the memorial action for those who passed away during the downpour disaster. We called for comprehensive measures to ensure quality housing and made all-out efforts to prevent cuts in the public housing budget.

We are joining the “People’s Committee for the Itaewon Disaster of 29 October” to reveal the truth of the Itaewon disaster caused by the absence of the state and to identify responsibility, support victims, and prevent future atrocities.

We are working together to revise Article 2 and 3 of the Trade Union And Labor Relations Adjustment Act to prevent tax cuts for the rich and take emergency actions to expand the budget for people’s livelihoods and welfare, and realize the three labor rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

With 700 citizens, we requested a national audit of the presidential office’s relocation, and the audit regarding key issues will be held.

By expanding the delivery unit price linkage system, we proposed a mechanism called Supply Cost Linkage System that includes labor cost, and some of the contents passed the National Assembly.

In 2022, we held about 30 face-to-face regional meetings and met about 400 members of PSPD. We also garnered the support of about 100,000 people through various online campaigns and crowdfunding.

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