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Korea Peace Appeal International Partners Meeting

📢 “The current security situation on the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia is the worst, the most dangerous that I’ve ever seen.” says Professor Jae-Jung Suh(Professor for Politics and International Relations at International Christian University, Visiting Scholars of Harvard-Yenching Institute).

Professor Suh presented <The Rise of First Strike Threats: The Korean War and the Prospect of Peace>. He talked about the first-strike doctrines and capabilities of several countries like North Korea, South Korea, the US, and Japan, leading us to apprehend that the current situation is truly at stake.

But as Professor Suh mentions, “There is room for diplomacy to turn things around.”
Your attention to peace can spark a change ✨

Sooyoung Hwang, the secretary general of Korea Peace Appeal, also introduced the introduction and plans of the campaign, so please watch the video for further details!

▶ Download the presentation by Professor Jae-Jung Suh
▶ Download the Korea Peace Appeal Introduction & Plans

Korea Peace Appeal International Partners Meeting

Korea Peace Appeal Campaign International Partners Meeting

🕊️ 70 years of the Korean War Armistice,
Let’s Build Peace Together!

Korea Peace Appeal has scheduled a Zoom meeting for international partners.

Military tension on the Korean peninsula is elevating amid the never-ending ceasefire. The risk of an accidental armed conflict is very high. The prospect of peace on the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia is not so bright. There is a desperate need for voices calling for peace.

Marking the 70th anniversary of the Korean War Armistice this year, the Korea Peace Appeal Campaign has launched a new project <Korea Peace Action for the 70 years of the Korean War Armistice>. We plan to continue the Korea Peace Appeal signature campaign but more intensively, and organize various peace actions all over the world.

We aim to share awareness of the current situation and introduce our plan for 2023 and discuss ideas and opinions on building peace on the Korean Peninsula through the meeting.

Please join us in building peace together!

☮️ Program

  • Presentation : Current Crisis on the Korean Peninsula
    – Jae-Jung Suh (Professor for Politics and International Relations at International Christian University)
  • Presentation : 2023 Plan and Introduction for International Participation
    – Korea Peace Appeal Campaign
  • Discussion

We have set two individual sessions considering the time difference. The two sessions will cover the same content! Please register for a session that suits your schedule by clicking on the link beside each session.

✅ 1st Session (America, Asia)
30 March 2023 (Thu) 5pm (PDT) / 8pm (EDT)
31 March (Fri) 9am (KST)

✅ 2nd Session (Europe, Africa)
31 March 2023 (Fri) 10am (CEST) / 5pm (KST)

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