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Korea Peace Rally & March in NYC (9/30)

Korea Peace Rally & March in NYC (9/30)

70 years is enough,
Korea Peace Rally & March in NYC

Saturday, September 30, 2023, 2 ~ 4 pm
Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza -> Ralph Bunche Park, NYC

📣 End the Korean War!
🕊 Armistice to Peace!

This year marks the 70th year of the Korean War Armistice Agreement. 70 years have passed with no sign of the end of war.

With an uneasy ceasefire far from over, an unprecedented threat of war is brewing again. In a vicious cycle of head-to-head confrontation, including large-scale ROK-US and ROK-US-Japan Combined Military Exercises and DPRK missile tests, armed conflict is on the horizon. The military confrontation in Northeast Asia is also becoming more and more intense.

Efforts should focus on ‘preventing’ armed conflict, not practicing war. We must take urgent steps to reduce military tensions and create an environment for dialogue again. Now is the time to stop hostility and walk towards peace.

The <Korea Peace Appeal Campaign> plans to deliver the signatures collected from all around the world over three years and the results of the Campaign to the United Nations Secretary-General and the UN Missions of the two Koreas, the US, and China on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Korean Armistice. Thus we will urge everyone to raise an awareness of the gravity of the growing threat of war on the Korean Peninsula under the recent political situation. And we will call for proactive efforts to create an environment for dialogue and prevent armed conflict.

Ahead of the delivery of our collection of signatures, we’re once again raising our voices for “peace over war” in New York City. There will be speeches, performances, a Korean traditional folk music experience called ‘Pungmul’, and marches. Please join us if you want peace! 💜

Host Korea Peace Appeal Action Committee
Contact Korea Peace Appeal Campaign Secretariat +82-2-723-4250

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Korea Peace Appeal 2

🕊 Signature Campaign to End the Korean War
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