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[Sign Now] HD Hyundai must cut all ties with Israel immediately! (~14th May.)

We demand that HD Hyundai uphold the values of their Human Rights Management by ceasing to be complicit with apartheid Israel’s war crimes being committed in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem where their construction equipment is being used to destroy houses and build illegal Jewish settlements. These war crimes have escalated as Israel’s genocide in Gaza rages on.

Organizers and people of conscience around the world are pressuring corporations to end complicity with Israel’s apartheid and genocide through boycott and divestment campaigns. If HD Hyundai does not end its ties with Israel, it will be met with the same pressure globally, just as corporations such as Veolia, Orange, G4S and others were which led to their withdrawal from their contracts with apartheid Israel.

Home demolitions, land confiscations, and construction of illegal settlements in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, are war crimes under international law. Crucially, continuing to be complicit in these crimes by a state now plausibly accused of genocide – the crime of all crimes – at the World Court implies HD Hyundai’s support for it. Japanese corporation Itochu has ended its MoU with Israeli arms company Elbit Systems in light of the ICJ ruling. At the minimum, HD Hyundai must follow its example and end profiting from apartheid and distance itself from genocide.

HD Hyundai equipment being used to demolish houses in Lasaifer, Masafer Yatta near Hebron, West Bank (Jan., 2023) – click image for more info

Israel’s settler-colonial and apartheid rule in Palestine has persisted for over 75 years, with not only bombings and massacres, but also through ethnic cleansing by destroying Palestinian homes and confiscating Palestinian land. In 2023 alone Israel demolished over 900 houses and over 4000 Palestinian residents were forcefully evicted. Not only do they destroy houses, but they also sabotage farmlands and wells— destroying entire livelihoods. They cause extensive irreparable damage to the land and water, rendering the land uninhabitable for not just one family, but for all local residents in the area.

According to an investigation published by Amnesty International and Democracy for the Arab World Now (DAWN) on March 16th, 2023, excavators from HD Hyundai Construction Equipment, such as HW210 and HX330AL, were used in a total of 5 cases of demolitions that took place in Masafer Yatta alone in 2022.

HD Hyundai equipment being used to destroy wells in Masafer Yatta, south of West Bank (Feb. 2, 2022)

HD Hyundai and HD Hyundai Construction Equipment, both of which have declared ESG Management, have announced that they will strive to support and implement the values of ‘UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights’ and ‘UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights’. Its continued business-as-usual with apartheid Israel defies these values and principles.

We urge HD Hyundai and HD Hyundai Construction Equipment to end all transactions with EFCO, which is in charge of their sales in Israel, so that their equipment is no longer used for the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in Israel. Furthermore, we urge HD Hyundai and HD Hyundai Construction Equipment to cease all business with Israel.

HD Hyundai terminated its contracts in the Brazilian Amazon as last year when it was presented with evidence of how its equipment was destroying the forest and indigenous communities.

Ordinary people of the Republic of Korea, along with millions of people around the world are campaigning for months, calling for a ceasefire and an end of siege and genocide in Gaza. HD Hyundai is aware of how its equipment is demolishing Palestinian homes, building illegal settlements and thus enabling war crimes. When will it end its complicity with apartheid and genocide?

We strongly demand that HD Hyundai take the lead and carry out the following actions so that HD Hyundai can respect the human rights of Palestinians and fulfill their corporate responsibilities in upholding their slogan and claim of ‘Building a Comfortable Tomorrow’.

  • Cut all ties with EFCO and stop doing business with Israel
  • Implement and carry out a transparent Human Rights Due Diligence procedure
  • Compensate Palestinian residents who have lost homes due to the destruction caused by HD Hyundai equipment

Documentary UNHEARD: Defend Masafer Yatta (subtitles : English / Korean)

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