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Strong Impeachment Against Burma(Myanmar) Military Regime Suppressing Peaceful Pro-Democracy Demonstration

Joint Statement by 56 human rights and social organizations in Korea

[Joinet Statement]

Burmese military stormed peaceful pro-democracy demonstration in Burma. Many were killed, and the demonstration ended with bloodshed. We strongly support Burma’s call for democracy, and impeach Burmese military regime that caused recent bloodshed. Also, Korean government should step forward from silence, and build supporting policy for Burma’s democracy.

The demonstration started out on last 15th, protesting against uninformed price hike by Burmese military government: natural gas five times higher, light oil twice, gasolene 67%. It then became anti-government and pro-democracy demonstration resisting suppressive military junta. This demonstration led by monks and democratic organizations continued several weeks, participants increased to about a hundred-thousands, and about two-hundred people were already arrested and imprisoned. Yesterday, September 26th, military fired to anti-government demonstration crowd at Rangoon. At least five died, and hundreds injured.

Burma’s military government should stop armed repression on the protesters. Military government ordered a ban on night passing and assembly. Since military started firing on the protesting crowds, much concerns are raised comparing this event to 1988 pro-democracy movement that nearly 3000 were victimized. There should be no more bloodshed. We strongly demand military junta to resign, and hope Burma to achieve democracy.

Also, we strongly urge Korean government who only pursued economic trade but neglected Burma’s demand, to build supporting position for Burma’s pro-democracy movement, and to build appropriate policy. Already, UN and international society has indicated concerns regarding current event, and are urging temperance to the military regime.

Current event has occurred by 45 years of military government’s iron-fisted rule. We strongly urge the following hoping Burmese’ will to be achieved as soon as possible.

1. Burmese military government should stop armed suppression on the peaceful demonstration immediately.

1. Burmese military government should free all political prisoners including Aung San Suu Kyi, and guarantee free political activities.

1. Korean government should protest against Burma’s bloodshed, and should reveal pro-democracy position and policy.

27 September 2007
56 human rights and social organizations in Korea

Candle Demonstration on 29 September

International Solidarity Committee

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