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What activities does PSPD participate in?

What activities does PSPD participate in?

The current website introduces PSPD.  Each web page describes PSPD’s history, “action bodies,” explanation of current activities, finances, etc., in order to inform readers about our organization.  Please take time to browse our website.

How do I become a member?

Anyone who supports the activities of PSPD can join as a member.  Please refer to the member’s website for further details.

How does PSPD manage, appropriate the organization’s expenses?

PSPD’s finances are supplied by member fees and donations.  Member fees make up approximately 80% of PSPD finances.

Member fees provide a firm foundation for the activities and operation of PSPD.  Therefore, members’ financial participation is of utmost importance.  As member fees/support are indispensable, we at PSPD make it a point to publicly share our financial activities with our members.  PSPD also remains prudent and frugal in the manner in which finances are spent.  When joining PSPD, please make sure to choose a membership level that is appropriate and manageable for you.

Can I support PSPD without becoming a member?

One need not be a member to support PSPD.  Donations can be made to PSPD in any amount.  The donations are greatly appreciated and will be used to manage our website and the activities of each of our “action bodies.”  Donations will also be used to provide meals for PSPD volunteers as well as for supporting education funds for full-time employees.

How do I volunteer for PSPD?

Volunteering at PSPD can be done in accordance with the volunteers availability and aptitude. There are various fields where volunteer are needed at PSPD such as newspaper scrapping, investigating materials, typing, making items for events, assisting with special events, and etc.  There are official and inofficial ways to volunteer at PSPD.

How can I become an intern at PSPD?

PSPD runs internship programs geared toward undergraduate and graduate students.  For further information, please inquire at:
☎ 02)723-4251,

Are there any career opportunities at PSPD?

PSPD does not regularly recruit new employees.  If need be, PSPD uses PSPD homepage and news advertisements to publicly recruit new employees.

Directions to PSPD:

PSPD has moved to a new location in Tong-in Dong as of August 10, 2007.

New address is
132 Tong-in Dong, Jongno-Gu, Seoul, Korea

P:  02-723-5300  F: 02-6919-2004

How to get to PSPD:

 By Subway: 
 Take subway line 3 to Kyeonbokgung Station.
 Take Exit 2 and walk straight ahead for about 10 minutes
 Turn left at Hyeong Jae Corner Market
 PSPD is located on the north side of the street

 By Bus: 
 Take lines 0212, 1020, 1711, 7016, 7018, or 7022
 Get off at Jongno Public Health Center/Tong-in Market Stop
 Space is scarce.  Traveling by public transportation is recommended.

 Getting to PSPD from Incheon International Airport

 Take Incheon Airport Line to Kimpo Airport
 Transfer to Line 5 heading toward Machun
 Get off at Jongno 3-ga and transfer to Line 3
 Take Line 3 heading towards Dae Hwa
 Get off at Kyeongbokgung station
 Take Exit 2 and walk straight ahead for about 10     minutes.
 Turn left at Hyeong Jae Corner Market
 PSPD is located on the north side of the street.

 By Airport Bus:
 Take Airport Limousine from Incheon International  Airport heading toward the city center
 Get off at the Kyeonbokgung Subway Station
 Head north by crossing the street and walk for approximately 10 minutes
 Turn left at Hyeong Jae Corner Market
 PSPD is located on the north side of the street


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