PSPD in English Int. Solidarity 2008-03-31   1239

PSPD Declaration on Tibet

The Chinese government must immediately end the human rights violations against Tibetans!

PSPD(People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy) can not help but be distressed about the Chinese government’s violent suppression of the peaceful Tibetan demonstrations, and we strongly urge the Chinese government to immediately end all violent oppression and human rights violations of the Tibetan people.


According to the press, in the process of the Chinese government’s repression of the Tibetan people, approximately 100 were killed and many people were reported missing.  Even at this very moment, the Chinese government is intensifying the level of suppression in many respects. For example, the Chinese government has stopped the transportation of all food and water supplies to Tibetan Buddhist temples in order to seek out and arrest demonstrators, taken at least one member per Tibetan household into the police station for questioning, and dispatched a large scale military unit to the eastern nomadic regions.  In spite of the many objections, China continues to claim that the Tibetan situation is a domestic problem and warns the international society not to interfere.  However, the armed threatening of civilians can not be permitted for any reason, regardless of what country or what kind of society it is happening in.  The Chinese government should be ashamed of its forceful attempts to suppress the citizens’ peaceful movement to exercise their freedom of speech and of assembly.


PSPD, as an organization that holds a consultative status with UN ECOSOC, joined other Asian human rights organizations during the 7th UN Human Rights Council meeting to urge a special session to deal with the bloodshed in Tibet.  However, despite UN secretary-general, Ban Ki-Moon and the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Right’s urge for a peaceful solution, a special session was not held, and proactive plans by the Human Rights Council, such as sending in a fact-finding mission to investigate the issue, fell through.  The UN seems to be showing a different attitude regarding the Tibet issue than it had with Burma.  PSPD urges the UN to abandon its easy-going attitude and to develop an active countermeasure against the human rights violations of the Tibetan people, for example, by dispatching a fact-finding mission to Tibet to get a clear picture of the situation.  If the UN overlooks the Chinese government’s inhumane armed suppression of people, then it would be the same as the UN giving up its core role as an organization that works to realize the universal value of human rights and democracy. 

The Korean government must not continue to remain silent.  Korea must not forget the important impact that international support had on the attainment of human rights and democracy in Korea.  For this reason, Korea‘s responsibility for the attainment of human rights and democracy in Asia is great.  Korea must be able to set aside its political and economic interests regarding the Tibetan situation, and speak out as a member of the UN Human Rights Council, as well as a member of the international society. With the new Lee Myung-bak administration’s emphasis on elevating Korea‘s status in the international society, this type of proactive action should mark the beginning of his diplomatic policies.


Already in many parts of the world, a solidarity movement has been forming.  Citizens from all over the world who denounce the Tibetan situation have voluntarily formed demonstrations of protest participating in activities such as planning a relay demonstration at the same time as the torch passing ceremony at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and announcing nonattendance at the opening ceremony. Citizen organizations as well as religious organizations in Korea also have taken much interest in the Tibetan situation and have formed solidarity movements in finding a peaceful solution to this issue.  These organizations deliver letters of protest to the Chinese Embassy and hold weekly candlelight gatherings to support a peaceful solution.  PSPD, in agreement with these organizations, urge the following:


The Chinese government must withdraw its troops from Tibet and guarantee the human rights of the Tibetans!


 The Chinese government must allow the freedom of expression and as well as the freedom of assembly for the Tibetans!


The Chinese government must NOT extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary execute, arrest, or torture any Tibetan without going through the proper legal procedures!


The UN must make efforts in solving the Tibetan situation peacefully by sending out a fact-finding mission to investigate the massacre committed by the Chinese government!


The Korean government must not attempt to overlook the Chinese government’s armed suppression; rather it should take a responsible position promoting a peaceful resolution to the Tibetan situation!




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