PSPD in English Peace/Disarmament 2010-05-31   2337

[Cheonan Incident] The Urgent Statement for Peace on the Korean Peninsula

STOP Manipulating the Cheonan Incident for the Upcoming Local Election
STOP the Military Confrontation
DO Transparent Investigation on the Cheonan incident

We, Korean civil society, gather here today to overcome the crisis and conflicts, caused by disputes on the Cheonan, the sunken South Korean naval vessel, and to take a major step forward toward our inalienable values of democracy, co-existence and peace.

Since the Cheonan naval warship mysteriously sank on Mach 26th, the South Korean society has grieved the tragic incident together while trying to clarify the cause and to provide comprehensive countermeasures to prevent its recurrence.

However, a handful of governmental and military officials have tightly controlled the relevant information in the name of military secrets and national security, checking these voluntary acts of citizens to find out the truth of the incident. The Lee Myung-bak administration, which kept warning of a premature conclusion, announced the final investigation results on the Cheonan on the initiating day of local election campaigns. The investigation team of the Ministry of Defense neither conducted essential fact-findings nor thoroughly verified so that contained a number of suspicions, unexplained matters. The Lee administration unilaterally announced dangerous diplomatic and military countermeasures against North Korea based on the final investigation report by the investigation team of the Ministry of Defense, which should have been reprimanded, while not allowing enough time for the public and the National Assembly to review the investigation. These countermeasures paralyzed all the peaceful managements of crisis which have been gradually established since the “July 7 Declaration” in 1988 by the Roh Tae-woo administration. Consequently, the tensions and crisis on the Korean Peninsula are dramatically escalating ever since the military dictatorship decades.

Do you think that such impetuous and dogmatic measures by the Lee administration are helping to resolve the situation? Instead, the Lee’s measures are shaking the very foundation of the systems for peace and prosperity, which would secure the future of the Korean Peninsula. Amid the international economic crisis, our economy was slowly recovering, but now it is faltering again. The efforts of the Six-Party Talks as well as the discarding of the North Korean nuclear program are missing because of the Lee administration’s enforcements of military and economic sanctions and countermeasures against North Korea.

Have you witnessed such military tension in the past when peace and engagement policies were consistently pursued? Now we are at crossroads and need to decide whether to go back to the adventurism of the Cold War era, which the issue of security was ill-used for politics and blinded people to the truth, or to take future-oriented peaceful realism, which emphasizes the democratic process, checks on the abuse of the administrative and military power, and seeks ways for peace and co-existence rather than provocative slogans.

In this regard, we, Korean civil society, present our requests.

Both North and South Korea should immediately stop the military confrontation, which is causing war and economic crisis on the Korean Peninsula. The South should withdraw its series of dangerous military measures and economic sanctions against North Korea, which were enforced without public consensus, an accreditation of the National Assembly including the opposition parties, and agreement by concerned countries. North Korea also should refrain from provocative rhetoric and radical military actions but instead cooperate for a rational process of uncovering the truth regarding the Cheonan.

The South Korean government should immediately take additional investigations to clarify the remaining suspicions and questions and to provide reasonable explanations regarding the sinking of the Cheonan vessel. For this, it is necessary that the National Assembly go through reviewing and accrediting the investigation on Cheonan. Additionally, an international team for accountable verification, which includes the US and China.

Both the South Korean government and the ruling party, the Grand National Party, should refrain from abusing the Cheonan incident for the upcoming local election, which is directly connected to the safety of the Korean people. They also should fully explain if it was really necessary to release the premature investigation results and to announce military countermeasures. In addition, we urge the government to immediately stop abusing its political and legal power to oppress the voters who raise rational questions to the government’s report and military countermeasures.

We appeal to you!
The crisis on the Korean Peninsula is taking place regardless of our intention, but we should not be excluded from the process of clarifying the real causes and seeking ways to resolve this problem in an appropriate way. It is because it is directly related to our future of democracy and peace. It is time to call upon your wisdom and courage to keep peace.

At 3pm, on May 29, let us show our will to uncover the truth and accomplish real peace on the Korean Peninsula. From today, let’s begin to light up candles for peace of the Korean Peninsula, each and every night.  

On June 2, election day let’s objectively judge the government’s governance and policies with a sense of ownership, and let’s open our future with democracy, co-existence, and peace for ourselves.

May 26, 2010

5 Opposition Parties, 91 NGOs & 140 Major Civil Society Figures

<5 Opposition Parities>
Democratic Party(Minjoo-Dang), Democratic and Labor Party(Minjoonodong-Dang),
Creative Korea Party(Changjohangoo-Dang), New Progressive Party(Jinboshin-Dang) & People’s Participatory Party(Gookminchamteo-Dang)

<91 NGOs> 
21st Korea University Students Union, 6.15 Joint Declaration of Youth and Students Solidarity Action, Korea Youth Corps, Young Men’s Christian Association, Kings community action organization, heemang joint , the solidarity for practice of the South-North joint declaration, The association for migrant worker’s human rights, Networks for green transport, Green Korea United, Nongmin Pharmacy, Ma-san YMCA, Citizens’ Alliance for participating governments machangjin, Cultural Action, prisoner of conscience supporters association, Institute for Research in Collaborationist Activities, Korean Council for Democratic Martyre, The Central Association for National Unification of Korea, National unity Movement, Korean Confederation of Trade Union, Lawyers for Democratic Society, Citizens’ Coalition for Democratic Media, Unified Democratic Citizenship action, Reunification of the Fatherland Union nations, solidarity of peace Buddhism, Revolution419, Eco-Horizon institute, People’s Institute of Economic & Social Studies, People dream, Lotus World, Korea Woman’s Hot Line, Korea Women’s Political Solidarity, Korea Women’s Environmental Network,  Living with Jesus, Federal unification of our nation Promotion, Ulsan People’s Solidarity, Buddhism social reform, Self Unification National Congress, Korean Peasants League, National College newspaper Union, National Clergy Conference for Justice and Peace, Korea Association of Bereaved Famillies for Democracy, Korea Confederation of Trade Unions, the national poor Unions, Korean Women Peasant Association,  National Women’s Unions, National council of center to Victims of Forced Evictions, Reunification of the national Union , National Association of Parents for True Education,  People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy, Catholic Priests Association for Justice, Chungnam National City Meetings, Chungnam National Coalition of NGO, Korea Women’s Political Solidarity,  Citizens’ Solidarity for Participation and Self-governance, Catholic Peasants Unions, the Catholic Diocese of Farmers Union, Uniform square, Peace Network, Solidarity for peace and Reunification of Korea, Peace Veterans Administration, School bob nationwide network, Korean women workers association, Federation of Korean women Trade Unions, Korean women’s association united, Korean Womenlink, Youth Solidarity Korea, Korea Catholic Peasants, Korean Life and Culture Research Group, Civil Action, Korean Federation For Environmental Movement, Citizens’ Movement for Environmental Justice, Hopeplanning, /Suwon 615 Headquarters, Democratic alumni of Kyonggi university, History and Truth, Love for Unification Unions, Solidarity action in Suwon Branch-North Joint Declaration, Suwon, IL Center, Suwon KYC, Suwon women’s Unions, National park Conservation Network

<Major Civil Society Figures>
Kim byeong sang (President of Catholic Monsignor Institute for Research in Collaborationist Activities), Buddhist Chung-hwa, Lee myeong nam(president of NCC human rights center), Sin gyeong ha(president of World Methodist council), Choe sang deok(affairs of Won-Buddhism of Sang gye  / Gang myeong deuk(lawyer) Gwon nak gi(represent of the unification squares) Gwon mi hyeok(represent of Korean womenlink), Kim gyeong mi, the represent of Korea Women’s Political solidarity, Kim gyeong sun(President of Korean Women Peasant Association) Kim Gwang jun(president of the Anglican Church of Korea) Kim gyu bok(Representative of Green Korea United) Kim dae seon(president of Religious Council) Kim Dong-jin(Chairman of National meeting of the Democratic Workers) Kim Dong wan(pre-president of Kookmin University student council) Kim myeong sin(president of public meetings for Education) Kim min young(Secretary General, People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy) Kim min ha(advisor of 615 South Committee) Kim sam ryeol(Permanent Representative of a man of merit network of independence) Kim sang gun(represent of 6.15 South committee of declaration action), Kim sun hee(secretary General of School bob nationwide network), Kim seung guk(represent of Peace making), Kim young ju(Director of Korea peace foundation) Kim young hun(Chairman of Korean confederation of trade Unions) Kim yong tae(predident of The Korean People Artist Federation) Kim yu ri(Chairman of 21st Korea University Students Union) Kim eun hee, vice president of Korea Women’s Political Caucus, Kim Jeong taek(represent of School lunches nationwide network), Kim je nam(chairman of Civil peace forum) Kim jong nam(secretary general of Korean Federation For Environmental Movement), Kim ji young(President of The soy milk Business of North’s children) Kim han sung (represent of 615 Conference Center) Nam Youn in soon(represent of Korean women’s Association United), Noh jung sun(Chairman of the Korea YMCA Peaceful reunification of the National Federation ) Min man Ki (Secratary General of Green Transport) Park kyong jo(Archbishop of the anglican domain , Green Korea), Park Nam soo(chairman of the Korean council for reconciliation and cooperation) Park nam hee(Chairman of the Korean womens trade Union), Park deok sin(represent of 615 Central Seoul) Park byeong woo(Director of Korean Confederation of Trade Unions of Community Relations) Park sangh wan(chiarman of Presidential Committee on Civil Partnerships) Park seok woon(represent of the Korea’s Progressive Solidarity) Park sun seong(Chariman of Hopeplanning), Park Young-sook(Pre president of Korea foundation for women) Park won soon(president of The Hope Institute) , Park ju hyeon(Director of People’s institute of Economic&social studies) Park Jin-Seop(vice president of Eco-horizon institute), Park chan woong(represent of KYC) Park hee jin(represent of Korea’s Youth Solidarity) Bae ok byeong(represent of School lunches nationwide network) Bae eun sim(president of national bereaved family conference) Bae jong ryeol(represent of Soliditary for peace and reunification of Korea) Baek nak cheong(Seoul National University, honorary Professor) Baek seung heon(pre president of Lawyers for a democratic society) Seong hae yong(president of the Institute of Christian Culture), Son mi hee(Chairman of independent reunification of National Women’s Solidarity) Sin pil gyun(Chairman of Green transport), Sim young hee(Hanyang University, Professor of Sociology) Sim jae hwan(Chairman of Lawyers for Democratic Society) An seung mun(Representative of School lunches nationwide network) Yang gil seung(Green Hospital Director) Eom seung yong (Representativeof KYC) Oh Kwangjin(Young activists of civil society meetings) Oh seong gyu(Chairman of Civil society organizations network in Korea) Oh you seok, Women’s political representation Solidarity, Oh jong ryeol(Senior Advisor of Progressive Solidarity of Korea) Yun gi seok (senior represent of 15 Kyong gi headquaters) Lee gang sil(senior represent of Progressive Solidarity of Korea) Lee gangil (Senior represent of 615 Incheon Headquarters) Lee gwangseok (chiarman of National Federation of Peasants) Lee gyu jae (chiarman of Reunification of the fatherland Union nations) Lee mi hye (north Bread Factory Project Director for Child Nutrition) Sam Lee (Senior president of Chungnam National Coalition of NGOs) Lee seok tae(Pre president of Lawyers for Democratic Society Community Relations) Lee Seung Hwan(Korean council for reconciliation and cooperation Executive Chairman) Lee si jae (Federation for Environmental Movement Co-President), Lee yong seon (co-representative of NGOs Coalition), Lee jae wook(Secretary general of Consumers’ Cooperative Federation) Lee yoon jae(represent of Sharing Regiment) Lee chang bok(senior represent of Unified Democratic Citizenship Actions), Lee changh yeon (Kookmin University Professor, School of Communication and Information) Lee tae ho(PSPD’s Co Secretary General) Lee hakyoung (Secretary General of Korea National Federation of YMCA) Lee hae hak(Secior chairman of Unification National Congress) Im bong jae (president of Catholic Peasants unions) Lim jong dae(PSPD’s co-represent), Jang dae hyeon(Progressive Solidarity of Korea’s Executive Chairman) Jang du seok(president of Korean Life and Culture Research Group) Jang eun suk(Director of National Council of Education) Jeon min yong (geonchi Newspapers’s represent) Jeong mun ja(President of Korean women workers associations) Jeong Se-hyun(Pre Unification Minister), Jeong young soo (national poverty Union’s Vice President Chairman)Jeong woog jeong (represent of 615 Division of Youth and Students) Jeong in seong (615 South Commission spokesman) Jeong il yong (represent of 615 Media Center) Jeong jin hoo(Chairman of the Korean teachers&education worker’s union) Jeong hyeon gon (segyo Research Executive Planning Committee) Jeong hyeon baek(represent of People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy) Jo gwang jin(represent of KYC), Jo myong lae(represent of Citizens’ Movement for Environmental Justice), Jo myoun woo(chairman of Korean council for reconciliation and cooperation) Jo sun deok(chariman of Mingahhyup Human rights group) Jo young sun(Lawyers for Democratic Society Community Relations Chairperson) Jo young hee (Senior pesident of 615 Women’s Division) Jo hwa sun (Senior Pastor) Jujonghwan (president of national unity Movement) Cheon jun ho(2010 Solidarity voters Co-Chairman) Cho min hee(pre-represent of Citizen’s coliations for DEmocratic media) Choe byeong mo (lawyer), Choe sa muk(Peace Veterans Administration’s co-represent) Choe seung guk (Green Korea’s secretary general) Choe young ae(Pre National Human Rights Commission of the Republic of Korea;s senior chiarman) Choe jin mi (National Women’s Solidarity’s executive chairman) Choe heon guk(Living with Jesus) Tak mu gwon (director of Agri Modernization Division) Ha seung chang(Hopeplanning senior management director) Han sang ryeol (Progressive Solidarity of Korea’s senior advisor)  Heo sang su(Unified Democratic Citizenship action’s Senior chairman), Hong chang jin(priest) Hwang sang ik (SNU Professor) Hwang cheol ha (615 South Committee’s Co-Executive Chairman) (as of May 26 8:00 a.m. currently 110 people)

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