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[Yeonpyeong Artillery Exchanges] Statement on Firing Artillery Issue in Korean Peninsula / JALISA

A Statement on Firing Artillery Issue in Korean Peninsula
Tokyo, November 26, 2010, Directors Board of JALISA

On November 23, 2010 Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) launched reportedly artillery fires at Yeonpyeng Island in Republic of Korea (ROK), which killed 2 civilian residents and 2 soldiers as well as injured many residents and soldiers alike, and destructed civilian residences. As of a position in support of a peaceful reunification of Korean Peninsula, we express at the same time deep concerns about unexpected incidents or further casualties which may be incurred under such a situation as this.

Even if there may be a discrepancy in terms with a military line between North and South of Korea, or even if a provocative action occurred in a course of ‘Hogook’ military exercise, any use of force under such a pretext as this should run counter against Article 2 of the Charter of the United Nations, which DPRK themselves approves; it can’t be thus tolerable at all. Indiscriminate attacks, even if not purposely, against civilian population are clearly in violation of the First Additional Protocol of 1977 to Geneva Conventions of 1949, which is also ratified by DPRK.

We sincerely hope that the UN Security Council should take an initiative to carry out immediately clarification of any of those facts unidentified yet in the situation and to bring a peaceful solution thereof, as this situation brings about a threat to the peace, which may breed easily confrontations and distrust between the parties. In terms with a joint military exercise between ROK and the USA in the Yellow Sea, in which the U.S. aircraft carrier “George Washington” will reportedly join, we should point out that such a demonstration deters from a line leading toward releasing a tension between the parties and reaching a peaceful reunification of Korean Peninsula.

We must learn from the wisdom of people’s will to avert any enlarging disputes and to protect, as a reliable way to realize peace, dignity of any living creatures such as blossom and birds instead of depending on guns or tanks or even a rifle; that is what we have learned from our experiences in the history of human conflicts all over the world. There will be no future for a strategy of “Peace By Way of Power.” We must unify our wills to peace through peaceful means, and get back to the very spirit of the Charter of the United Nations, which sets down our starting line to “practice tolerance and live together in peace with one another as good neighbors, and unite our strength to maintain international peace and security.”

President    Osamu Niikura
Secretary General   Jun Sasamoto



 報道によれば、20101123日、朝鮮民主主義人民共和国(DPRK)は、大韓民国(ROK)の延坪島(ヨンビョンドYeonpyeng Island)に対して砲撃を加え、民間人2名、大韓民国兵士2名が死亡し、多数の負傷者と民間の住居が破壊された。われわれは、朝鮮半島における平和的な再統一を支持する立場から、今回の事態が不測の事変を引き起こし、無辜の民がさらに死傷することを深く憂慮している。

 仮に軍事的境界について意見の違いがあり、韓国軍による軍事演習(‘Hogook’ military exercise)が行われて、挑発的な行動があったとしても、それを口実として実力行使することは、DPRK自身が認める国際連合憲章2条の武力行使および武力による威嚇の禁止に反するものであって、到底容認することはできない。文民たる住民に対する無差別的な攻撃は、たとえ意図していなかったとしても、1949年ジュネーブ条約の第一追加議定書(1977)にも反するものであることは、明らかである。






                                                                  会  長  新倉 修

                                                                  事務局長  笹本 潤

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