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Report the Situation of Human Rights Defenders in the Republic of Korea to the UN Special Rapporteur

Report the Situation of Human Rights Defenders in the Republic of Korea
to the UN Special Rapporteur

Raise Regression of Human Rights in South Korea at the 4th Regional Human Rights Defenders Forum
-Violation against Freedom of Assembly and Expression and Illegal Inpection on Civillians

PSPD is going to attend the 4th Regional Human Rights Defenders Forum(HRDF) organized by FORUM-ASIA from Dec. 2th through 4th.
HRDF started in 2001 is a forum that human rights defenders discuss and share their expriences and strategies on defending human rights(HR). Particularly, this forum will provide an opportunity to directly report each country’s HR situation to UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Defenders who are in charge of investigation of the HR violation cases by governments.

PSPD is reporting the overall situation of human rights in Korea to UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Defenders and calling on investigating 11 human rights violation cases.

FORUM-ASIA is a regional human rights organisation committed to the promotion and protection of all human rights including the right to development. At present, FORUM-ASIA has 46 member organisations across Asia and in Korea, PSPD and KHIS(Korea House of International Solidarity) are member organizations. PSPD and FORUM-ASIA hold consultative status of ECOSOC(Economic and Social Council, UN) and take parts in international advocacy activities.

▣ List of Cases

I. Freedom of Assembly

[Case 1] Mr. Park Rae-goon and Mr. Lee Jong-hoi of the Yongsan Committee Are Arrested and Requested Heavy Penalty by the Prosecution for Illegal Assembly (25 November 2010)

[Case 2] Police took all participants of the Memorial Press Conference for Ms. Park Ji-yeon who passed away from Leukemia while she was working as a Samsung Semi-conductor Employer (2 April 2010)

[Case 3] Police arrested 20 participants and prosecuted 10 people among them against Korean Troop Dispatch to Afghanistan (18 November 2009)

[Case 4] Mr. Ahn Jin-Geol, once arrested under the Act on Assembly and Demonstration, Moved for Adjudication on the Constitutionality of the Act and Drew the Decision from the Constitutional Court that It Is a Constitutional Discord (24 September 2009)

II. Freedom of Opinion and Expression

[Case 1] The Prosecution Prosecuted Ms. Bae Ok-byung for the Violation of Election Law by Urging Free Meals (8 November 2010)

[Case 2] Policy requested an arrested warrant against Mr. Park Jung-soo for Drawing Rat Graffiti on G20 Posters by the Police (31 October 2010)

[Case 3] The Ministry of National Defense Dismissed or Reprimanded the Military Judicial Officers who Challenged its Listing of Seditious Books in barracks and Filed a Petition to the Constitutional Court (28 October 2010)

[Case 4] Ten human rights defenders were arrested during the press conference, requesting freedom of assembly at the renovated Gwang-wha-moon Plaza, Seoul, South Korea (1 August 2010)

[Case 5] The Government Slandered the PSPD and the Prosecution Investigated PSPD for Sending a Letter to the UN Security Council on the Naval Vessel Cheonan Sinking (11 June 2010)

III. Defamation

[Case 1] The Prosecution Brought an Action of Libel against the Journalists who Made Some Critical Reports of Governmental Policies (2 December 2010)

[Case 2] National Information Service collected Information and Brought Legal Action for Defamation against One of the Prominent Social Figure Mr. Park Won-soon (15 September 2010)

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