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Campaign for demanding a national inspection of Seoul Mayor Oh Se Hoon

Campaign for demaning a national inspection of Seoul Mayor Oh Se Hoon

Seoul City and Mayor Oh Se Hoon have been stubborn on implementing free school meals in spite of more than 80% of the Seoul citizens agreed with eco-friendly free school meals according to the the survey by Seoul city; rather, they have recklessly called this favorable trend toward free school meals amid citizens a pernicious welfare populism.

Since an ordinance of eco-friendly free meals was passed in the Council on 1 December, Mayor Oh had denied to attend the Seoul Metropolitan Council over a month and cut  off communicating with the Council although it was a period of budget deliberation. He has also been refusing the requests of interviews and debates with citizens over a year. It is an obvious dereliction of his duty. Accordingly, the Seoul Metropolitan Council accused Mayor Oh Se Hoon of violating Article 42-2 of local government act and Article 122 of criminal law, being guilty of the dereliction of duty. Mayor Oh should be punished in that the governor must not deny to attend the council meeting.

Moreover, he put a senseless advertisement against free school meals. He placed a child’s nude photo in a newspaper advertisement, which was severely criticized, and the advertisement was revealed as violation of election law. Seoul citizens are suffering from Mayor Oh’s political move illegal and detrimental to education, who had avowed 1 tril. won of fiscal support in education for ‘three-no-policy’.

Mayor Oh who has been causing extreme conflicts with the Seoul Metropolitan Council should be ashamed as a mayor who represents Seoul citizens. He is not aware his various actions are illegal. The Seoul Metropolitan Council curtailed the budget of inappropriate projects that citizens hardly understand the necessity – 75.2 billion Korean won on the west coastal sea route, 40.6 billion won on a construction of Han River Art Island(Seoul Performing Art Center), 13.8 billion won on an overseas marketing for improving the brand imgae of Seoul City such as the Manchester United marketing.

On the other hand, eco-friendly free school meal is an imperative work to ameliorate the quality of education welfare in Korea. We have to reflect upon a unreasonable great fuss against free school meal that Mayor of Seoul City is unreasonably insisting that only 0.3% of budget of Seoul City would lead the whole nation into going bankrupt. What makes most of education chiefs urging the necessity of eco-friendly school meals? We could guess the reason easily on parents and students parts.

Nevertheless, Mayor Oh Se Hoon is making it appear that he will not communicate with citizens disparaging eco-friendly free school meal. Now, Seoul citizens cannot tolerate him anymore.  

Accordingly, the civil society organizations in Seoul and the Seoul branchs of the opposition parties(Democratic Labor Party, New Progressive Party, Socialist Party) are going to demand the national inspection on Mayor Oh and Seoul Metropolitan government. We are also going to lay an accusation of his violatiing children’s rights and election law.

At 1 p.m. 5 January, we are holding a press conference in front of the Seoul City Hall and starting a campaign for the national inspection with the citizens across the 25 whole districts in Seoul.

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