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[Notice] International Counter Forum to the Nuclear Security Summit

International Counter Forum to the Nuclear Security Summit


Let’s Talk about a Nuclear Free World,

                             Not Nuclear Security


Let’s Talk about a Nuclear Free World, NOT Nuclear Security!


As we mark the first anniversary of the terrible Fukushima nuclear disaster, voices around the world calling for nuclear disarmament and an end to nuclear power generation are louder than ever before. At the same time, the Nuclear Security Summit, aimed at discussing the prevention of nuclear terrorism, will be held in Seoul this March 26 ~ 27. It is clear, however, that achieving ‘nuclear security’ without reductions in nuclear weapons and nuclear power generation and the abolition of is impossible. To speak about nuclear security without addressing these issues is a contradiction in terms.


In response, Korean civil society organizations have convened an International Counter Forum to the Nuclear Security Summit. At the International Forum we will analyze the nuclear policies of central national governments that impede movement towards a ‘nuclear free world’ and use this analysis as a basis to critique the logic of ‘nuclear security’. We will also discuss the direction and steps anti-nuclear and peace movement organizations must take to achieve a nuclear free world. 

We ask for your attention and participation.


Time & Date
22 March 2012 (Thurs.) 1:00pm to 9:30pm


Sogang University Dasan Hall

Hosting Organizations
People’s Action against the Seoul 2012 Nuclear Security Summit, Institute for Democracy and Policies, Sogang University Institute of Social Sciences, Progressive Policy Institute, Office of National Assembly member Mi Kyung Lee (Co-President of Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament)



Session 1 ‘A Nuclear Free World’ and Nuclear Security (1:00pm ~ 3:20pm)


Facilitator Kiho Yi / Hanshin University, ARI(Asia Regional Initiative)

Presentation 1 U.S. Uses of Nuclear Weapons and the Imperatives of Abolition 
                    Joseph Gerson / American Friends Service Committee (U.S.)

Presentation 2 Japan’s Nuclear Policy after Fukushima and the Problem of the Peaceful use of the Atom
                    Masa Takubo / Nuclear Specialist & Operator of the nuclear information website Kakujoho (Japan)

Presentation 3 Critique of the Nuclear Security Summit and a Proposal for the creation of a Nuclear Free East Asia
                    Kab Woo Koo / University of North Korean Studies (South Korea)

Geunwook Lee / Sogang University
Changsoo Kim / One Korea Action
Jung Eun Park / People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy
Gyeong-sun Park / Progressive Policy Institute

Break (3:20pm~ 3:40pm)

Session 2 The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster and an Asia without Nuclear Power Generation (3:40~ 6:00)

Facilitator Yeong-won Lee / Suwon University, the Professors for Denuclearization

Presentation 1 The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster and the Pain of Iitate Mura
                    Hasegawa Kenichi / Fukushima Iitate Mura village head (Japan)

Presentation 2 The Struggle against the Baatan Nuclear Power Plant and the Philippines after Fukushima
                    Emily Dela Cruz Fajardo / AMBA-BALA (the Philippines)

Presentation 3 The Taiwan Anti-nukes Movement after the Presidential Election
                    Wang Juju / National Tsinghua University, President of the Taiwan Alliance for the Conservation of Nature (Taiwan, Province of China)

Presentation 4 Thailand’s plans for the Construction of Nuclear Power Plants after the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster
                    Santi Choakchaichamnankit (Thailand)

Presentation 5 Indonesia’s Consideration of Nuclear Power Plant Construction above a Ring of Fire, and Fukushima
                    Muhamad Ali Akbar (Indonesia)

Presentation 6 Contemplating the Path to a Nuclear Free Korea?
                    Joint Action for a Nuclear Free Society

* Roundtable Format. Interaction between the panelists and the audience encouraged

*Session2 is organized by No Nukes Asia Forum (NNAF) and Energy Justice Actions. NNAF is both a network fighting nuclear power plants in the Asia region and an annual meeting. This year it is being held in Seoul in timing with the Nuclear Security Summit.

Break 6:00~7:30


Session 3 Strategy and Actions for Achieving Nuclear Free Society (7:30pm – 9:30pm)

* Roundtable Format. Interaction between the panelists and the audience encouraged.



During Sessions 1 and 2, simultaneous translation (Korean/English) will be provided.
During Session 3, translation will be consecutive translation (Korean/English)

Pre-registration required

Center for Peace and Disarmament, PSPD (02-723-4250,



Date and time: 22 March 2012 1pm – 9:30pm, Sogang University Dasan Hall

Publication sale: 5,000 KRW

* Mandatory field


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