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[Statement] PSPD Condemns North Korea’s Nuclear Test that threatens Peace on the Korean Peninsula

PSPD Condemns North Korea’s Nuclear Test that threatens Peace on the Korean Peninsula
(12 February 2013, Seoul) Today, North Korea confirmed its third nuclear test through state-run Korean Central News Agency(KCNA). People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy (PSPD) strongly condemns North Korea which enforced third nuclear test.
Nuclear weapons are illegal and weapons of mass destruction that defy all humanitarian causes. No country including North Korea has the right to possess or test a nuclear weapon. It is unacceptable that North Korea insists “Nuclear weapon will be a critical opportunity to guarantee peace and stability of the Korean peninsula and region”. Military strategy based on the nuclear deterrence accelerates nuclear race that threats peace and stability. The nuclear tests by North Korea have endangered Korean people with nuclear threats. It is a grave misjudgment to assume that North Korean regime can be protected with a few nuclear weapons. A regime that does not prioritize safety and happiness of its own people has no option but to face crisis despite its possession of nuclear weapon. North Korea must immediately stop its move to possess nuclear weapons and actively participate in discussions on denuclearization of the Korean peninsula and establishment of peace system, the importance of which North Korea has also emphasized.
North Korea deserves criticism for its nuclear test. Nevertheless, neighboring countries including South Korea should respond calmly and objectively to this situation. They should admit the fact that hostile neglect policy, sanctions and pressures of the years till now have failed to control provocative behaviors of North Korea. PSPD has continuously proposed to start a dialogue on Northeast Asia nuclear free zone to denounce security strategies based on the nuclear deterrence, and furthermore to discuss abolition of North Korean nuclear programs. Moreover, we have proposed to seek fundamental and comprehensive solution to ease military tension and settle permanent peace on the Korean peninsula by establishing a peace system in the region. Now, it is time to carefully consider a new and fundamental way to settle peace on the Korean peninsula.
Seeking an alternative approach is a responsibility for peace and security of South Koreans and Northeast Asian people. We urge all sides to immediately start a peace and denuclearization talk on the Korean peninsula and a Nuclear Free Zone of Northeast Asia. We also urge that it is not only North Korean’s nuclear weapons but also all nuclear weapons including five nuclear powers that should be abolished.

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